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DateTitle Authors
2012 Partial fiscal decentralization and public-sector heterogeneity: Theory and evidence from NorwayBorge, Lars-Erik / Brueckner, Jan K. / Rattso, Jorn
2012 The impact of managerial change on performance: The role of team heterogeneityHentschel, Sandra / Mühlheusser, Gerd / Sliwka, Dirk
2012 Fiscal equalization schemes and fiscal sustainabilityPotrafke, Niklas / Reischmann, Markus
2012 The economic impact of demographic structure in OECD countriesAksoy, Yunus / Grasl, Tobias / Smith, Ron P.
2012 Escaping the repugnant conclusion: Rank-discounted utilitarianism with variable populationAsheim, Geir B. / Zuber, Stéphane
2012 Discrimination in dynamic procurement design with learning-by-doingBarbosa, Klenio / Boyer, Pierre C.
2012 Urban squatting with rent-seeking organizersBrueckner, Jan K.
2012 The value of the revolving door: Political appointees and the stock marketLuechinger, Simon / Moser, Christoph
2012 On the policy implications of changing longevityPestieau, Pierre / Ponthiere, Grégory
2012 Bringing French public debt down: The options for fiscal consolidationEgert, Balazs
2012 Central school exit exams and labor-market outcomesPiopiunik, Marc / Schwerdt, Guido / Woessmann, Ludger
2012 Conspicuous consumption and communism: Evidence from East and West GermanyFriehe, Tim / Mechtel, Mario
2012 The business environment in the transitionCarlin, Wendy / Schaffer, Mark
2012 Macroeconomic uncertainty and the impact of oil shocksVan Robays, Ine
2012 Malthus in the bedroom: Birth spacing as a preventive check mechanism in pre-modern EnglandCinnirella, Francesco / Klemp, Marc P. B. / Weisdorf, Jacob L.
2012 Why are educated and risk-loving persons more mobile across regionsBauernschuster, Stefan / Falck, Oliver / Heblich, Stephan / Suedekum, Jens
2012 Language as a renewable resource: Import, dissipation, and absorption of innovationsWickström, Bengt-Arne
2012 Partnership, gender roles and the well-being cost of unemploymentAndreas Knabe / Ronnie Schöb / Joachim Weimann
2012 The regulator's trade-off: Bank supervision vs. minimum capitalBuck, Florian / Schliephake, Eva
2012 Adoption and diffusion of health information technology: The case of primary care clinicsCallaway, Brant / Ghosal, Vivek
2012 The nature of risk preferences: Evidence from insurance choicesBarseghyan, Levon / Molinari, Francesca / O'Donoghue, Ted / Teitelbaum, Joshua C.
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