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DateTitle Authors
2004 Incentives and anonymity principle : crowding out toward usersCrifo, Patricia / Rullière, Jean-Louis
2004 Network markets and consumer coordinationAmbrus, Attila / Argenziano, Rossella
2004 Monopoly, inequality and redistribution via the public provision of private goodsKatsimi, Margarita / Moutos, Thomas
2004 Long-run selection and the work ethicJosephson, Jens / Waerneryd, Karl
2004 Workings of the melting pot : social networks and the evolution of population attributesBrueckner, Jan Keith / Smirnov, Oleg
2004 Computers and student learning : bivariate and multivariate evidence on the availability and use of computers at home and at schoolFuchs, Thomas / Woessmann, Ludger
2004 Managerial hedging and portfolio monitoringBisin, Alberto / Gottardi, Piero / Rampini, Adriano A.
2004 Redistribution and occupational choice in a Schumpeterian growth modelGarcίa-Peñalosa, Cecilia / Wen, Jean-François
2004 Will stability last?Martin, William / Rowthorn, Robert
2004 Partnership dissolution, complementarity, and investment incentivesLi, Jianpei / Wolfstetter, Elmar
2004 Fertility, mortality, and the developed worlds demographic transitionFehr, Hans / Jokisch, Sabine / Kotlikoff, Laurence J.
2004 Asymmetric monetary transmission in EMU : the robustness of VAR conclusions and Cecchettis legal family theoryElbourne, Adam / de Haan, Jakob
2004 The impact of newspapers on consumer confidence : does spin bias exist?Alsem, Karel-Jan / Brakman, Steven / Hoogduin, Lex / Kuper, Gerard
2004 Macroeconomic sources of risk in the term structureBalfoussia, Chiona / Wickens, Mike
2004 The effect heterogeneity of central exams : evidence from TIMSS, TIMSS-Repeat and PISAWoessmann, Ludger
2004 Estimation and inference in large heterogeneous panels with a multifactor error structurePesaran, Mohammad Hashem
2004 A note on costly sequential search and oligopoly pricingJanssen, Maarten C. W. / Moraga-González, José Luis / Wildenbeest, Matthijs R.
2004 An economists guide to digital musicPeitz, Martin / Waelbroeck, Patrick
2004 Why does educational attainment differ across US states?Hendricks, Lutz
2004 Antitrust analysis of tying arrangementsChoi, Jay Pil
2004 How changes in financial incentives affect the duration of unemploymentLalive, Rafael / van Ours, Jan C. / Zweimüller, Josef
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