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DateTitle Authors
2012 What drives immigration amnesties?Casarico, Alessandra / Facchini, Giovanni / Frattini, Tommaso
2012 How to tame two leviathans? Revisiting the effect of direct democracy on local public expenditureGalletta, Sergio / Jametti, Mario
2012 Ranking of VaR and ES Models: Performance in developed and emerging marketsZikovic, Sasa / Filer, Randall
2012 Preferences, rent destruction and multilateral liberalisation: The building block effect of CUSFTAKetterer, Tobias / Bernhofen, Daniel M. / Milner, Chris
2012 Strategic complexities in the combinatorial clock auctionKnapek, Stephan / Wambach, Achim
2012 Top incomes, rising inequality, and welfareLansing, Kevin J. / Markiewicz, Agnieszka
2012 Breakthrough renewables and the green paradoxvan der Ploeg, Rick
2012 Gasoline content regulation and compliance among US refineriesChakravorty, Ujjayant / Nauges, Céline / Thille, Henry
2012 Job search, human capital and wage inequalityCarrillo-Tudela, Carlos
2012 Fiscal sustainability in the presence of systemic banks: The case of EU countriesBénassy-Quéré, Agnès / Roussellet, Guillaume
2012 Labor income responds differently to income-tax and payroll-tax reformsLehmann, Etienne / Marical, François / Rioux, Laurence
2012 Fueling growth when oil peaks: Directed technological change and the limits to efficiencyAndré, Francisco J. / Smulders, Sjak
2012 A nested contest: Tullock meets the all-pay auctionAmegashie, J. Atsu
2012 The generalized Alchian-Allen theoremMinagawa, Junichi / Upmann, Thorsten
2012 Behavioral biases and long term care annuities: A political economy approachDe Donder, Philippe / Leroux, Marie-Louise
2012 Target losses in case of a euro breakupSinn, Hans-Werner
2012 Profit sharing and relative consumptionGoerke, Laszlo
2012 Sorting into outsourcing: Are profits taxed at a gorilla's arm's length?Bauer, Christian J. / Langenmayr, Dominika
2012 Nineteenth century US BMIs by race: Socioeconomics and biologyCarson, Scott A.
2012 Optimal taxation with current and future cohortsFehr, Hans / Kindermann, Fabian
2012 The interest rate pass-through in the Euro area during the global financial crisisHristov, Nikolay / Hülsewig, Oliver / Wollmershäuser, Timo
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