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DateTitle Authors
2009 Nominalist heuristics and economic theoryPope, Robin / Selten, Reinhard / Kube, Sebastian
2009 Engel's Law reconsideredChakrabarty, Manisha / Hildenbrand, Werner
2009 Improved modeling of double default effects in Basel II: An endogenous asset drop model without additional correlationEbert, Sebastian / Lütkebohmert, Eva
2009 Has the euro changed the business cycle?Enders, Zeno / Jung, Philip / Müller, Gernot J.
2009 Minimum wages and excessive effort supplyKräkel, Matthias / Schöttner, Anja
2009 Risk starvation contributes to dementias and depressions: Whiffs of danger are the antidotePope, Robin
2009 Competitive careers as a way to mediocracyKräkel, Matthias
2009 Optimal stopping with dynamic variational preferencesEngelage, Daniel
2009 Quantitative lending directives are neededPope, Robin
2009 Risk and expected utility theoryPope, Robin / Selten, Reinhard
2009 Matching heterogeneous agents with a linear search technologyNöldeke, Georg / Tröger, Thomas
2009 International financial shocks in emerging marketsBrei, Michael / Buzaushina, Almira
2009 Prominent numbers, indices and ratios in exchange rate determination and financial crashes: In Economists' models, in the field and in the laboratoryPope, Robin / Selten, Reinhard / Kube, Sebastian / von Hagen, Jürgen
2009 Failure of saddle-point method in the presence of double defaultsLütkebohmert, Eva
2009 Government spending shocks in quarterly and annual US time-seriesBorn, Benjamin / Müller, Gernot J.
2009 An experimental methodology testing for prudence and third-order preferencesEbert, Sebastian / Wiesen, Daniel
2009 Treatment of double default effects within the granularity adjustment for Basel IIEbert, Sebastian / Lütkebohmert, Eva
2009 Ascending combinatorial scoring auctionsRieck, Thomas
2009 Towards consistency and the scientific in economicsPope, Robin
2009 Policies from evidence that risk starvation causes dementias and depressions and may contribute to a range of other brain morbiditiesPope, Robin
2009 Managed floats to damp shocks like 1982-5 and 2006-9: Field and laboratory Evidence for Chinese interest in a single world currencyPope, Robin / Selten, Reinhard / Kube, Sebastian / von Hagen, Jürgen
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