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DateTitle Authors
2000 The Impact of Fairness on Decision Making - An Analysis of Different Video ExperimentsHennig-Schmidt, Heike
2000 Trial & Error to Collusion - The Discrete CaseHuck, Steffen / Normann, Hans-Theo / Oechssler, Jörg
2000 Achieving the First Best in Sequencing ProblemsMitra, Manipushpak
2000 Central Governance or Subsidiarity: A Property-Rights Approach to FederalismLülfesmann, Christoph
2000 Fair Salaries and the Moral Costs of CorruptionAbbink, Klaus
2000 Problems of Transition from a Planned to a Market EconomyKrelle, Wilhelm
2000 Imitation EquilibriumSelten, Reinhard / Ostmann, Axel
2000 A Tree Implementation of a Credit Spread Model for Credit DerivativesSchönbucher, Philipp J.
2000 Optimal Contracting with Verifiable Ex Post SignalsKessler, Anke / Lülfesmann, Christoph / Schmitz, Patrick
2000 On the Dynamic Foundation of Evolutionary Stability in Continuous ModelsOechssler, Jörg / Riedel, Frank
2000 Dynamic Efficiency and Pareto Optimality in a Stochastic OLG Model with Production and Social SecurityBarbie, Martin / Hagedorn, Marcus / Kaul, Ashok
2000 On the Foundations of the Property Rights Theory of the Firm: Cooperative Investments and Message-Dependent ContractsRoider, Andreas
2000 Representative versus Direct Democracy: The Role of Informational AsymmetriesKessler, Anke
2000 Self-Correcting Mechanisms in Public Procurement: Why Award and Contract Should be SeparatedBös, Dieter / Kolmar, Martin
2000 How to Play 3x3-Games A Strategy Method ExperimentSelten, Reinhard / Abbink, Klaus / Buchta, Joachim / Sadrieh, Abdolkarim
2000 Income taxation and production efficiency in a simple two-sector economyGaube, Thomas
2000 Anarchy, Efficiency and RedistributionBös, Dieter / Kolmar, Martin
2000 Delegation and Strategic Compensation in TournamentsKräkel, Matthias
2000 A Libor Market Model with Default RiskSchönbucher, Philipp J.
2000 Can You Guess the Game You're Playing?Oechssler, Jörg / Schipper, Burkhard C.
2000 Team Production, Sequential Investments and Stochastic PayoffsLülfesmann, Christoph
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