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DateTitle Authors
2009 Efficiency effects of cross-border medical demandLukas, Daniel
2009 Mitigation of foreign Direct investment risk and hedgingWahl, Jack E. / Broll, Udo
2009 Regional age structure and economic growth: an econometric study for German regionsBrunow, Stephan / Hirte, Georg
2009 Modelling information and hedging: the exporting firmBroll, Udo / Eckwert, Bernhard
2009 How does the household structure shape the urban economy?Tscharaktschiew, Stefan / Hirte, Georg
2009 Export and benefits of hedging in emerging economiesBroll, Udo / Wahl, Jack E. / Wessel, Christoph
2009 Die Wachstumsspirale in der Krise ; Ansätze zu einem nachhaltigen WachstumBinswanger, Hans Christoph
2009 Prospect theory and two moment model: the firm under price uncertaintyBroll, Udo / Egozcue, Martín / Wong, Wing-Keung
2009 An urban general equilibrium model with multiple household structures and travel mode choiceTscharaktschiew, Stefan / Hirte, Georg
2009 The gravity equation with micro-founded trade costsRudolph, Stephan
2009 Globalization and a welfare program for the marginalizedBroll, Udo / Kemnitz, Alexander / Mukherjee, Vivekananda
2009 Import tariff led export under-invoicing: a paradoxBiswas, Amit K.
2009 Fiscal decentralization and regional disparity: Evidence from cross-section and panel dataLessmann, Christian
2009 Aid, growth and decentralizationLessmann, Christian / Markwardt, Gunther
2008 An Evolutionary Agent-based simulation model for the industry life cycleLehmann-Waffenschmidt, B. Cornelia
2008 Institutions, trade, and integration: what can be expected within the enlarged EU?Fuchs, Michaela / Wohlrabe, Klaus
2008 The determinants of job creation and destruction: plant-level evidence for Eastern and Western GermanyFuchs, Michaela / Weyh, Antje
2008 Do the age profiles of health care expenditure really steepen over time? New evidence from Swiss cantonsFelder, Stefan / Werblow, Andreas
2008 Export production, hedging exchange rate risk: the duopoly caseBroll, Udo / Wahl, Jack E. / Wessel, Christoph
2008 Export production under exchange rate uncertaintyBroll, Udo / Gilroy, B. Michael / Lukas, Elmar
2008 Implications of diverging social and private discount rates for investments in the German power industry: a new case for nuclear energy?Heinzel, Christoph
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