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DateTitle Authors
2008 Is double trouble? How to combine cointegration testsBayer, Christian / Hanck, Christoph
2008 Robustness of optimal designs for the Michaelis-Menten model under a variation of criteriaDette, Holger / Kiss , Christine / Wong, Weng Kee
2008 An intersection test for panel unit rootsHanck, Christoph
2008 Enhanced services for targeted information retrieval by event extraction and data miningJungermann, Felix / Morik, Katharina
2008 Confidence bands for inverse regression models with application to gel electrophoresisBirke, Melanie / Bissantz, Nicolai / Holzmann, Hajo
2008 Evolutionary algorithms for robust methodsNunkesser, Robin / Morell, Oliver
2008 A note on all-bias designs with applications in spline regression modelsDette, Holger / Melas, Viatcheslav B.
2008 Bipower-type estimation in a noisy diffusion settingPodolskij, Mark / Vetter, Mathias
2008 Some comments on quasi-birth-and-death processes and matrix measuresDette, Holger / Reuther, Bettina
2008 A geometric characterization of c-optimal designs for heteroscedastic regressionDette, Holger / Holland-Letz, Tim
2008 Imputing missing genotypes with weighted k nearest neighborsSchwender, Holger / Ickstadt, Katja
2008 Optimal discrimination designsDette, Holger / Titoff, Stefanie
2008 Testing for image symmetries: with application to confocal microscopyBissantz, Nicolai / Holzmann, Hajo / Pawlak, Mirosław
2008 Robust shift detection in time-varying autoregressive processesFried, Roland
2008 A finite sample comparison of nonparametric estimates of the effective dose in quantal bioassayDette, Holger / Scheder, Regine
2008 Bootstrapping frequency domain tests in multivariate time series with an application to comparing spectral densitiesDette, Holger / Paparoditis, Efstathios
2008 Bias in nearest-neighbor hazard estimationWeißbach, Rafael / Dette, Holger
2008 Optimal designs for estimating pairs of coefficients in Fourier regression modelsDette, Holger / Melas, Viatcheslav B.
2008 Asymptotic normality and confidence intervals for inverse regression models with convolution-type operatorsBissantz, Nicolai / Birke, Melanie
2008 Optimal designs for dose finding experiments in toxicity studiesDette, Holger / Pepelyshev, Andrey / Wong, Weng Kee
2008 RFreak-An R-package for evolutionary computationNunkesser, Robin
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