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DateTitle Authors
2003 On robust and efficient designs for risk estimation in epidemiologic studiesDette, Holger
2003 An experiment to compare the combined array and the product array for robust parameter designKunert, Joachim / Auer, Corinna / Erdbrügge, Martina / Göbel, Roland
2003 Latent variable analysis and partial correlation graphs for multivariate time seriesFried, Roland / Didelez, Vanessa
2003 Comparing the accuracy of default predictions in the rating industry: The case of Moody's vs. S&PKrämer, Walter / Güttler, André
2003 A note on testing the covariance matrix for large dimensionBirke, Melanie / Dette, Holger
2003 Optimal sequential kernel detection for dependent processesSteland, Ansgar
2004 Some robust design strategies for percentile estimation in binary response modelsDette, Holger / Biedermann, Stefanie / Pepelyshev, Andrey
2004 Locally D-optimal Designs for Exponential RegressionWong, Weng Kee / Melas, Viatcheslav B. / Dette, Holger
2004 A General Kernel Functional Estimator with Generalized Bandwidth : Strong Consistency and ApplicationsWeißbach, Rafael
2004 Uncertainty of the optimum influence factor levels in multicriteria optimization using the concept of desirabilityTrautmann, Heike / Weihs, Claus
2004 Optimal design for goodness-of-fit of the Michaelis-Menten enzyme kinetic functionWong, Weng Kee / Melas, Viatcheslav B. / Dette, Holger
2004 Optimal designs for 3D shape analysis with spherical harmonic descriptorsPepelyshev, Andrey / Melas, Viatcheslav B. / Dette, Holger
2004 On a Heuristic Analysis of Highly Fractionated 2n Factorial ExperimentsKunert, Joachim / Auer, Corinna
2004 On the Equivalence of Optimality Design Criteria for the Placebo-Treatment ProblemWong, Weng Kee / Dette, Holger / Zhu, Wei
2004 Nonparametric Analysis of Covariance : the Case of Inhomogeneous and Heteroscedastic NoiseScholz, Achim / Neumeyer, Natalie / Munk, Axel
2004 A Note on the Dimension of the Projection Space in a Latent Factor Regression Model with Application to Business Cycle ClassificationWeihs, Claus / Luebke, Karsten
2004 Application and Use of Multivariate Control Charts In a BTA Deep Hole Drilling ProcessHering, Franz / Weihs, Claus / Theis, Winfried / Messaoud, Amor
2004 The Power of the KPSS-Test for Cointegration when Residuals are Fractionally IntegratedSibbertsen, Philipp / Krämer, Walter
2004 Estimation of integrated volatility in continuous time financial models with applications to goodness-of-fit testingVetter, Mathias / Podolskij, Mark / Dette, Holger
2004 The cost for the default of a loan : Linking theory and practiceSibbertsen, Philipp / Weißbach, Rafael
2004 Validating multiple structural change models : A case studyKleiber, Christian / Zeileis, Achim
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