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DateTitle Authors
2003 Support vector machines and learning about timeRüping, Stefan / Morik, Katharina
2003 Estimation of the mean AUC of the xenoestrogens daidzein, bisphenol A, and p-tert-octylphenolSelinski, Silvia / Degen, Gisela H.
2003 Robust filtering of time series with trendsFried, Roland H.
2003 On detecting jumps in time series: Nonparametric settingPawlak, Mirek / Rafajlowicz, Ewaryst / Steland, Ansgar
2003 A note on maximin and Bayesian D-optimal designs in weighted polynomial regressionBiedermann, Stefanie / Dette, Holger
2003 Dimension reduction for time series from intensive careLanius, Vivian / Gather, Ursula
2003 Efficient experimental design for the Behrens-Fisher problem with application to bioassayDette, Holger / O'Brien, Timothy E.
2003 Bayesian and maximin optimal designs for heteroscedastic regression modelsDette, Holger / Haines, Linda M. / Imhof, Lorens A.
2003 Application of the disposition model to breast cancer dataOdai, Reginald N. O. / Urfer, Wolfgang / Kötting, Joachim / Bonney, George E.
2003 Numerical construction of maximin optimal designs for binary response modelsBiedermann, Stefanie / Dette, Holger
2003 On robustness properties of convex risk minimization methods for pattern recognitionChristmann, Andreas / Steinwart, Ingo
2003 A note on nonparametric estimation of the effective dose in quantal bioassayDette, Holger / Neumeyer, Natalie / Pilz, Kay F.
2003 A simple nonparametric estimator of a monotone regression functionDette, Holger / Neumeyer, Natalie / Pilz, Kay F.
2003 An investigation of humus disintegration by spatial-temporal regression analysisFried, Roland H.
2003 Sequential control of time series by functionals of kernel-weighted empirical processes under local alternativesSteland, Ansgar
2003 Locally E-optimal designs for exponential regression modelsDette, Holger / Melas, Viatcheslav B. / Pepelyshev, Andrey
2003 Approximating data and statistical procedures. I. Approximating dataDavies, P. L.
2003 A note on testing symmetry of the error distribution in linear regression modelsNeumeyer, Natalie / Dette, Holger / Nagel, Eva-Renate
2003 Finite sample performance of sequential designs for model identificationDette, Holger / Kwiecien, Robert
2003 A power comparison between nonparametric regression testsZhang, Chunming / Dette, Holger
2003 On robust and efficient designs for risk estimation in epidemiologic studiesDette, Holger
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