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DateTitle Authors
2003 Distinguishing between long-range dependence and deterministic trendsSibbertsen, Philipp / Venetis, Ioannis
2003 Design of experiments for microbiological modelsDette, Holger / Melas, Viatcheslav B. / Strigul, Nikolay
2003 Development programs for one-shot systems using multiple-state design reliability modelsShevasuthislip, Suntichai / Vardeman, Stephen B.
2003 Calibration, error analysis, and ongoing measurement process monitoring for mass spectrometryVardeman, Stephen B. / Wendelberger, Joanne R. / Wang, Lily
2003 Likelihood-based statistical estimation from quantized dataVardeman, Stephen B. / Lee, Chiang-Sheng
2003 HY-A-PARCH: A stationary A-PARCH model with long memorySchoffer, Olaf
2003 Comparison of the empirical bayes and the significance analysis of microarraysSchwender, Holger / Krause, Andreas / Ickstadt, Katja
2003 Prediction of notes from vocal time series produced by singing voiceGarczarek, Ursula / Weihs, Claus / Ligges, Uwe
2003 Evaluating probability forecasts in terms of refinement and strictly proper scoring rulesKrämer, Walter
2003 Has the accuracy of German macroeconomic forecasts improved?Heilemann, Ullrich / Stekler, H. O.
2003 Sheppard's correction for variances and the quantization noise modelVardeman, Stephen B.
2003 An introduction to Markov chains for interested high school studentsHalverscheid, Stefan / Sibbertsen, Philipp
2003 Engineering statisticsVardeman, Stephen B.
2003 Comparison of separable components in different samplesNeumeyer, Natalie / Sperlich, Stefan
2003 Maximin and Bayesian optimal designs for regression modelsDette, Holger / Haines, Linda M. / Imhof, Lorens A.
2003 An note on the maximization of matrix valued Hankel determinants with applicationDette, Holger / Studden, W. J.
2003 Maximin optimal designs for the compartmental modelBiedermann, Stefanie / Dette, Holger / Pepelyshev, Andrey
2003 Jump-preserving monitoring of dependent time series using pilot estimatorsSteland, Ansgar
2003 Testing for symmetric error distribution in nonparametric regression modelsNeumeyer, Natalie / Dette, Holger
2003 Outlier identification rules for generalized linear modelsKuhnt, Sonja / Pawlitschko, Jörg
2003 Support vector machines and learning about timeRüping, Stefan / Morik, Katharina
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