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DateTitle Authors
2014 Carbon dioxide emission standards for US power plants: An efficiency analysis perspectiveHampf, Benjamin / Rødseth, Kenneth Løvold
2014 Optimal profits under environmental regulation: The benefits from emission intensity averagingHampf, Benjamin / Rødseth, Kenneth Løvold
2013 Extra credit: Bank finance and firm export status in GermanyGoldbach, Stefan / Nitsch, Volker
2013 On the persistence of trade imbalances: Evidence from EuropeBerger, Helge / Nitsch, Volker
2013 Optimal directions for directional distance functions: An exploration of potential reductions of greenhouse gasesHampf, Benjamin / Krüger, Jens J.
2012 Bilateral imbalances in EuropeBerger, Helge / Nitsch, Volker
2012 What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? The impact of the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic on economic performance in SwedenKarlsson, Martin / Nilsson, Therese / Pichler, Stefan
2012 Growth over the very long-run: Implications of a specific factors model of economic development with endogenous technological changeCaspari, Volker / Eschenhof-Kammer, Sabine / Pertz, Klaus
2012 Are the dimensions of private information more multiple than expected? Information asymmetries in the market of supplementary private health insurance in EnglandKarlsson, Martin / Klohn, Florian / Rickayzen, Ben
2012 Innovation and education: Is there a "nerd effect"?Goldbach, Stefan
2012 Passive investment strategies and financial bubblesFischer, Thomas
2011 News reaction in financial markets within a behavioral finance model with heterogeneous agentsFischer, Thomas
2011 The optimal size of German cities: An efficiency analysis perspectiveHitzschke, Stephan
2011 Separating environmental efficiency into production and abatement efficiency: A nonparametric model with application to U.S. power plantsHampf, Benjamin
2011 "Animal spirits" in John Maynard Keynes's general theory of employment, interest and money: Some short and sceptical remarksBarens, Ingo
2011 Only in the heat of the moment? A study of the relationship between weather and mortality in GermanyKarlsson, Martin / Schmitt, Maike
2011 "Love of Wealth" and economic growthRehme, Günther
2011 Trade mispricing and illicit flowsNitsch, Volker
2011 Some notes on how to catch a red herring Ageing, time-to-death & care costs for older people in SwedenKarlsson, Martin / Klohn, Florian
2011 "To use the words of Keynes...": Olivier J. Blanchard on Keynes and the "Liquidity Trap"Barens, Ingo
2010 A Monte Carlo study of old and new frontier methods for efficiency measurementKrüger, Jens
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