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DateTitle Authors
2015 Steuerpolitik in Deutschland: Eine Halbzeitbilanz der aktuellen Legislaturperiode im Kontext europäischer EntwicklungenBräutigam, Rainer / Spengel, Christoph
2015 The impact of the financial crisis on investments in innovative firmsGiebel, Marek / Kraft, Kornelius
2015 The perils of debt deflation in the euro area: A multi regime modelSemmler, Willi / Haider, Alexander
2015 How can a country 'graduate' from procyclical fiscal policy? Evidence from ChinaFuest, Clemens / Xing, Jing
2015 Disentangling irregular cycles in economic time seriesSchober, Dominik / Woll, Oliver
2015 Legal and illegal cartels in the European cement industryFink, Nikolaus / Frübing, Stefan
2015 Refinancing under yardstick regulation with investment cycles: The case of long-lived electricity network assetsSchober, Dominik / Weber, Christoph
2015 Information exchange through non-binding advance price announcements: An antitrust analysisBoshoff, Willem / Frübing, Stefan / Hüschelrath, Kai
2015 Balancing competition and cooperation: Evidence from transatlantic airline marketsBilotkach, Volodymyr / Hüschelrath, Kai
2015 Competition in the German interurban bus industry: A snapshot two years after liberalizationDürr, Niklas S. / Hüschelrath, Kai
2015 Did the introduction of the euro lead to money illusion? Empirical evidence from GermanyBittschi, Benjamin / Duppel, Saskia
2015 The settlement procedure in EC cartel cases: An empirical assesmentHüschelrath, Kai / Laitenberger, Ulrich
2015 Work-related ability as source of information advantages of training employersMohrenweiser, Jens / Wydra-Sommaggio, Gaby / Zwick, Thomas
2015 The duration of the EC merger control process: Determinants and the impact of the 2004 merger regulation reformHeim, Sven / Hüschelrath, Kai / Laitenberger, Ulrich
2015 Deregulation, competition, and consolidation: The case of the German interurban bus industryDürr, Niklas S. / Heim, Sven / Hüschelrath, Kai
2015 Vetoing and inaugurating policy like others do: Evidence on spatial interactions in voter initiativesAsatryan, Zareh / Havlik, Annika / Streif, Frank
2015 Mean-risk hedging strategies in electricity markets with limited liquidityWoll, Oliver
2015 Does codetermination affect the composition of variable versus fixed parts of executive compensation?Dyballa, Katharina / Kraft, Kornelius
2015 The impact of taxes on bilateral royalty flowsDudar, Olena / Spengel, Christoph / Voget, Johannes
2015 Decline of CFC rules and rise of IP boxes: How the ECJ affects tax competition and economic distortions in EuropeBräutigam, Rainer / Spengel, Christoph / Streif, Frank
2015 Facility- and service-based competition and investment in fixed broadband networks: Lessons from a decade of access regulations in the European Union member statesBriglauer, Wolfgang / Gugler, Klaus / Haxhimusa, Adhurim
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