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DateTitle Authors
2014 Invalid but infringed? An analysis of Germany's bifurcated patent litigation systemCremers, Katrin / Gaessler, Fabian / Harhoff, Dietmar / Helmers, Christian
2014 Completed fertility effects of family policy measures: Evidence from a life-cycle modelAbiry, Raphael / Reuss, Karsten / Stichnoth, Holger
2014 Field of study, qualification mismatch, and wages: Does sorting matter?Berlingieri, Francesco / Zierahn, Ulrich
2014 Housing and healthAngel, Stefan / Bittschi, Benjamin
2014 Who is afraid of the asset quality review? Potential losses and capital shortfalls in the European banking systemBonczek, Thomas / Fuest, Clemens / Schröder, Michael
2014 The Phillips Curve: (In)stability, the role of credit, and implications for potential output measurementSchleer, Frauke / Kappler, Marcus
2014 Intergenerational transmission of unemployment: Evidence for German sonsMäder, Miriam / Müller, Steffen / Riphahn, Regina T. / Schwientek, Caroline
2014 Extending taxation of interest and royalty income at source: An option to limit base erosion and profit shifting?Finke, Katharina / Fuest, Clemens / Nusser, Hannah / Spengel, Christoph
2014 Sucient statistic or not? The elasticity of taxable income in the presence of deduction possibilitiesDoerrenberg, Philipp / Peichl, Andreas / Siegloch, Sebastian
2014 Short-run fertility effects of parental leave benefits: Evidence from a structural modelStichnoth, Holger
2014 Youth unemployment in the OECD: The role of institutionsSachs, Andreas / Smolny, Werner
2014 Combining technology and work organization: An analysis of complementarity between IT and decentralization across firms of different sizeRasel, Fabienne
2014 Are intangibles more productive in ICT-intensive industries? Evidence from EU countriesChen, Wen / Niebel, Thomas / Saam, Marianne
2014 Improving voluntary public good provision by a non-governmental, endogenous matching mechanism: Experimental evidenceReif, Christiane / Rübbelke, Dirk / Löschel, Andreas
2014 Overleveraging in the banking sector: Evidence from EuropeSchleer, Frauke / Semmler, Willi / Illner, Julian
2014 Ökonomische Aspekte der Lastenverteilung in der Umweltpolitik am Beispiel der Energiewende: Ein Beitrag zum interdisziplinären DialogHeindl, Peter
2014 Determinants of the duration of European appellate court proceedings in cartel casesSmuda, Florian / Bougette, Patrice / Hüschelrath, Kai
2014 The appeals process: An empirical assessmentHüschelrath, Kai / Smuda, Florian
2014 Allocation of human capital and innovation at the frontier: Firm-level evidence on Germany and the NetherlandsBartelsmann, Eric / Dobbelaere, Sabien / Peters, Bettina
2014 On the performance of rule-based contribution schemes under endowment heterogeneityKesternich, Martin / Lange, Andreas / Sturm, Bodo
2014 Voting for burden sharing rules in public goods gamesGallier, Carlo / Kesternich, Martin / Sturm, Bodo
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