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DateTitle Authors
2016 Concentration on the few? R&D and innovation in German firms 2001 to 2013Rammer, Christian / Schubert, Torben
2016 Taxing away M&A: The effect of corporate capital gains taxes on acquisition activityFeld, Lars P. / Ruf, Martin / Schreiber, Ulrich / Todtenhaupt, Maximilian / Voget, Johannes
2016 Book-tax conformity and reporting behavior: A quasi-experimentEvers, Maria Theresia / Meier, Ina / Nicolay, Katharina
2016 Strategic capacity withholding through failures in the German-Austrian electricity marketBergler, Julian / Heim, Sven / Hüschelrath, Kai
2016 Asymmetric labor-supply responses to wage-rate changes: Evidence from a field experimentDoerrenberg, Philipp / Duncan, Denvil / Löffler, Max
2016 Settlements and appeals in the European Commission's cartel cases: An empirical assessmentHellwig, Michael / Hüschelrath, Kai / Laitenberger, Ulrich
2016 The dynamic relationship between investments in brand equity and firm profitability: Evidence using trademark registrationsCrass, Dirk / Czarnitzki, Dirk / Toole, Andrew A.
2016 How to fill the digital gap? The (limited) role of regulationBriglauer, Wolfgang / Cambini, Carlo / Melani, Sauro
2016 Do higher corporate taxes reduce wages? Micro evidence from GermanyFuest, Clemens / Peichl, Andreas / Siegloch, Sebastian
2016 Zur Entwicklung der studienspezifischen Selbstwirksamkeit in der OberstufeMohrenweiser, Jens / Pfeiffer, Friedhelm
2015 Mobile information and communication technologies, flexible work organization and labor productivity: Firm-level evidenceViete, Steffen / Erdsiek, Daniel
2015 ICT and global sourcing: Evidence for German manufacturing and service firmsRasel, Fabienne
2015 Does skill-biased technical change diffuse internationally?Schulte, Patrick
2015 Inequality of income acquisition: The role of childhood circumstancesHufe, Paul / Peichl, Andreas / Roemer, John / Ungerer, Martin
2015 Student employment: Advantage or handicap for academic achievement?Sprietsma, Maresa
2015 Dynamic R&D choice and the impact of the firm's financial strengthPeters, Bettina / Roberts, Mark J. / Vuong, Van Anh
2015 Empirical evaluation of interest barrier effectsDreßler, Daniel / Scheuering, Uwe
2015 Tax competition in Europe: Europe in competition with other world regions?Streif, Frank
2015 R&D partnerships and innovation performance: Can there be too much of a good thing?Hottenrott, Hanna / Lopes-Bento, Cindy
2015 Registered cartels in Austria: An overviewFink, Nikolaus / Schmidt-Dengler, Philipp / Stahl, Konrad / Zulehner, Christine
2015 Let's stay in touch - evidence on the role of social learning in local tax interactionsBlesse, Sebastian / Martin, Thorsten
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