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DateTitle Authors
2014 A viable insolvency procedure for sovereigns (VIPS) in the euro areaFuest, Clemens / Heinemann, Friedrich / Schröder, Christoph
2014 Coaching disadvantaged young people: Evidence from firm level dataMohrenweiser, Jens / Pfeiffer, Friedhelm
2014 Youth unemployment after apprenticeship training and individual, occupation and training employer characteristicsMohrenweiser, Jens / Zwick, Thomas
2014 A vision of the European energy future? The impact of the German response to the Fukushima earthquakeGrossi, Luigi / Heim, Sven / Waterson, Michael
2014 Intangible assets and investments at the sector level: Empirical evidence for GermanyCrass, Dirk / Licht, Georg / Peters, Bettina
2014 What old stagers could teach us: Examining age complementarities in regional innovation systemsArntz, Melanie / Gregory, Terry
2014 Harmonisierung der Gewinnermittlung in der EU: Analyse der Übergangsregelungen bei Einführung einer Gemeinsamen Körperschaftsteuer-Bemessungsgrundlage / Gemeinsamen Unternehmensteuer-Bemessungsgrundlage (GKB / GUB)Scheffler, Wolfram / Köstler, Melanie
2014 Evidence on book-tax differences and disclosure quality based on the notes to the financial statementsEvers, Maria Theresia / Finke, Katharina / Matenaer, Sebastian / Meier, Ina / Zinn, Benedikt
2014 Direct and indirect effects of weather experiences on life satisfaction: Which role for climate change expectations?Osberghaus, Daniel / Kühling, Jan
2014 Screening instruments for monitoring market power in wholesale electricity markets: Lessons from applications in GermanyBataille, Marc / Steinmetz, Alexander / Thorwarth, Susanne
2014 Vorteile einer GKB / GUB außerhalb der Gewinnermittlung: Eine Analyse aus Sicht des deutschen SteuerrechtsScheffler, Wolfram / Köstler, Melanie
2014 Determinants of self-reporting under the European corporate leniency programHoang, Cung Truong / Hüschelrath, Kai / Laitenberger, Ulrich / Smuda, Florian
2014 Harmonisierung der Gewinnermittlung in der EU: Die Gewinnermittlungsregeln der Gemeinsamen Körperschaftsteuer-Bemessungsgrundlage (GKB) / Gemeinsamen Unternehmensteuer-Bemessungsgrundlage (GUB) im Vergleich mit der Gewinnermittlung durch einen Betriebsvermögensvergleich nach § 5 Abs. 1 EStG (Steuerbilanz)Scheffler, Wolfram / Köstler, Melanie
2014 Sweden's school choice reform and equality of opportunityEdmark, Karin / Frölich, Markus / Wondratschek, Verena
2014 Structural labor supply models and wage exogeneityLöffler, Max / Peichl, Andreas / Siegloch, Sebastian
2014 Industry structure and pricing over the business cycleSpiegel, Yossi / Stahl, Konrad
2014 Energy poverty indicators: Conceptual issues. Part I: The ten-percent-rule and double median/mean indicatorsSchuessler, Rudolf
2014 What drives changes in carbon emissions? An index decomposition approach for 40 countriesSchymura, Michael / Voigt, Sebastian
2014 Negotiating weights for burden sharing rules among heterogeneous parties: Empirical evidence from a survey among delegates in international climate negotiationsKesternich, Martin / Löschel, Andreas / Ziegler, Andreas
2014 Assessing the impact of introducing an ACE regime: A behavioural corporate microsimulation analysis for GermanyFinke, Katharina / Heckemeyer, Jost H. / Spengel, Christoph
2014 The impact of a feed-in tariff on wind power development in GermanyHitaj, Claudia / Schymura, Michael / Löschel, Andreas
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