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DateTitle Authors
2012 The Costs of Babylon – Linguistic Distance in Applied EconomicsIsphording, Ingo E. / Otten, Sebastian
2012 The Employment Effect of Industry-Specific, Collectively-Bargained Minimum WagesFrings, Hanna
2012 A Political Winner's Curse: Why Preventive Policies Pass Parliament so Narrowlyan de Meulen, Philipp / Bredemeier, Christian
2012 Monetary Commitment and Structural Reforms – A Dynamic Panel Analysis for Transition EconomiesBelke, Ansgar / Vogel, Lukas
2012 Lost in Transition? – Minimum Wage Effects on German Construction WorkersBachmann, Ronald / König, Marion / Schaffner, Sandra
2012 A Theory of Child AdoptionBethmann, Dirk / Kvasnicka, Michael
2012 Structural Change and Spurious Persistence in Stochastic VolatilityKrämer, Walter / Messow, Philip
2012 Heterogeneity in the Effect of Home Energy Audits – Theory and EvidenceFrondel, Manuel / Vance, Colin
2012 Do Coalitions Really Cause Larger Government Expenditures? – Mixed Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity DesignGarmann, Sebastian
2012 Long-run Trends or Short-run Fluctuations – What Establishes the Correlation between Oil and Food Prices?The Interplay of Standardized Tests and Incentives – An Econometric Analysis with Data from PISA 2000 and PISA 2009Krätschell, Karoline / Schmidt, Torsten
2012 Interest Rate Pass-Through in the EMU – New Evidence from Nonlinear Cointegration Techniques for Fully Harmonized DataBelke, Ansgar / Beckmann, Joscha / Verheyen, Florian
2012 On Interaction Effects: The Case of Heckit and Two-Part ModelsFrondel, Manuel / Vance, Colin
2012 Generating Random Optimising ChoicesHeufer, Jan
2012 Immigration and Structural Change – Evidence from Post-war GermanyBraun, Sebastian / Kvasnicka, Michael
2012 Oil Price Effects on Land Use Competition – An Empirical AnalysisDiermeier, Matthias / Schmidt, Torsten
2012 Patient Preferences and Treatment Thresholds under Diagnostic Risk – An Economic Laboratory ExperimentKrieger, Miriam / Mayrhofer, Thomas
2012 Exchange Rate Bands of Inaction and Play-Hysteresis in German Exports – Sectoral Evidence for Some OECD DestinationsBelke, Ansgar / Goecke, Matthias / Guenther, Martin
2012 Teaching in the Lab: Financial Incentives in the Education ProcessHelbach, Christoph / Keldenich, Klemens
2012 Are My Neighbours Ageing Yet? Local Dimensions of Demographic Change in German CitiesNeumann, Uwe
2012 Pricing Synthetic CDOs Using a Three Regime Random-Factor-Loading ModelMessow, Philip
2012 Does Cluster Policy Trigger R&D Activity? – Evidence from German Biotech ContestsEngel, Dirk / Mitze, Timo / Patuelli, Roberto / Reinkowski, Janina
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