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DateTitle Authors
2007 Enlarging the EMU to the East: what effects on trade?Belke, Ansgar / Spies, Julia
2007 Parental impact on attitude formation: a siblings study on worries about immigrationBrenner, Jan
2007 Determinants of savings and remittances: empirical evidence from immigrants to GermanySinning, Mathias
2007 Analyzing the labor market activity of immigrant families in GermanyBasilio, Leilanie / Bauer, Thomas K. / Sinning, Mathias
2007 Effects of job entry restrictions on economic integration: evidence for recent ethnic German immigrantsBrenner, Jan
2007 Who smokes and how much?: empirical evidence for GermanyGöhlmann, Silja
2007 The determinants of smoking initiation: empirical evidence for GermanyGöhlmann, Silja
2007 Gender wage differentials and the occupational injury risk: evidence from Germany and the USKluve, Jochen / Schaffner, Sandra
2007 Why are the effects of recent oil price shocks so small?Schmidt, Torsten / Zimmermann, Tobias
2007 Wealth and asset holdings of immigrants in GermanySinning, Mathias
2007 Social deprivation and exclusion of immigrants in GermanyHaisken-DeNew, John P. / Sinning, Mathias
2007 Identifying the rebound: evidence from a German household panelFrondel, Manuel / Peters, Jörg / Vance, Colin
2007 A note on the excess entry theorem in spatial models with elastic demandGu, Yiquan / Wenzel, Tobias
2007 Tobacco and alcohol: complements or substitutes?: a structural model approachTauchmann, Harald / Göhlmann, Silja / Requate, Till / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2007 Evaluating continuous training programs using the generalized propensity scoreKluve, Jochen / Schneider, Hilmar / Uhlendorff, Arne / Zhao, Zhong
2007 Revealed preference and the number of commoditiesHeufer, Jan
2007 Global excess liquidity and house prices: VAR analysis for OECD countriesBelke, Ansgar / Orth, Walter
2008 Promoting biofuels: implications for developing countriesPeters, Jörg / Thielmann, Sascha
2008 Clash of career and family: fertility decisions after job displacementDel Bono, Emilia / Weber, Andrea Maria / Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2008 Germany's solar cell promotion: dark clouds on the horizonFrondel, Manuel / Ritter, Nolan / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2008 Does product market competition decrease employers' training investments?: evidence from German establishment panel dataGörlitz, Katja / Stiebale, Joel
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