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DateTitle Authors
2011 Future Pain at the Diesel Pump? Potential Effects of the European Commission's Energy Taxation ProposalFrondel, Manuel / Vance, Colin
2011 Decomposing the Ins and Outs of Cyclical UnemploymentBachmann, Ronald / Sinning, Mathias
2011 Impacts of Rural Electrification in RwandaBensch, Gunther / Kluve, Jochen / Peters, Jörg
2011 Political Business Cycles and Monetary Policy Revisited – An Application of a Two-Dimensional Asymmetric Taylor Reaction FunctionKlose, Jens
2011 Demographics and Factor Flows – A Political Economy ApproachCalahorrano, Lena / an de Meulen, Philipp
2011 Financial Uncertainty in Germany and its Impact on Western European TerrorismJovanovic, Mario
2012 Minimum Wages as a Barrier to Entry – Evidence from GermanyBachmann, Ronald / Bauer, Thomas K. / Kröger, Hanna
2012 Effects of Global Liquidity on Commodity and Food PricesBelke, Ansgar / Bordon, Ingo G. / Volz, Ulrich
2012 Public Self-Insurance and the Samaritan's Dilemma in a FederationLohse, Tim / Robledo, Julio R.
2012 How Do the Unemployed Search for a Job? – Evidence from the EU Labour Force SurveyBachmann, Ronald / Baumgarten, Daniel
2012 Wage Differentials by Field of Study – The Case of German University GraduatesGörlitz, Katja / Grave, Barbara S.
2012 A Recipe for Success? Randomized Free Distribution of Improved Cooking Stoves in SenegalBensch, Gunther / Peters, Jörg
2012 Like Father, Like Son: Inheriting and BequeathingKunze, Lars
2012 Gender Differences in Further Training Participation – The Role of Individuals, Households and FirmsBurgard, Claudia
2012 Group Membership and Communication in Modified Dictator GamesKeldenich, Klemens
2012 A New Outside Option Value for Networks: The Kappa-Value – Measuring Distribution of Power of Political AgreementsBelau, Julia
2012 Board Accountability and Risk Taking in Banking – Evidence from a Quasi-ExperimentKörner, Tobias
2012 Lottery versus All-Pay Auction Contests – A Revenue Dominance TheoremFranke, Jörg / Kanzow, Christian / Leininger, Wolfgang / Schwartz, Alexandra
2012 Revealed Preference and Nonparametric Analysis – Continuous Extensions and RecoverabilityHeufer, Jan
2012 Heterogeneity in the Correlates of Motorized and Non-Motorized Travel in Germany – The Intervening Role of GenderProcher, Vivien / Vance, Colin
2012 Does Cluster Policy Trigger R&D Activity? – Evidence from German Biotech ContestsEngel, Dirk / Mitze, Timo / Patuelli, Roberto / Reinkowski, Janina
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