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DateTitle Authors
2007 Policy Evaluation and Economic Policy AdviceSchmidt, Christoph M.
2007 Cost and Technical Efficiency of German Hospitals – A Stochastic Frontier AnalysisFrohloff, Annika
2007 Smoking and Social InteractionPoutvaara, Panu / Siemers, Lars-H. R.
2007 The Penalty-Duel and Institutional Design: Is there a Neeskens-Effect?Leininger, Wolfgang / Ockenfels, Axel
2007 Sectoral Transformation, Turbulence, and Labor Market Dynamics in GermanyBachmann, Ronald / Burda, Michael C.
2007 A Comparative Analysis of the Nativity Wealth GapBauer, Thomas K. / Cobb-Clark, Deborah A. / Hildebrand, Vincent A. / Sinning, Mathias
2007 Investment, Internal Funds and Public Banking in GermanyEngel, Dirk / Middendorf, Torge
2007 How Does Heterogeneity Shape the Socioeconomic Gradient in Health Satisfaction?Jones, Andrew M. / Schurer, Stefanie
2007 A Cartel Analysis of the German Labor Institutions and Its Implications for Labor Market ReformsHaucap, Justus / Pauly, Uwe / Wey, Christian
2007 The Impact of Cohort Size and Local Labor Market Conditions on Human Capital Accumulation in EuropeMiddendorf, Torge
2007 Gender and the Automobile – An Analysis of Non-work Service TripsVance, Colin / Iovanna, Rich
2007 Taxing Human Capital Efficiently – The Double Dividend of Taxing Nonqualified Labour More Heavily Than Qualified LabourRichter, Wolfram F.
2007 Liberalization of Opening Hours with Free EntryWenzel, Tobias
2007 Using Job Changes to Evaluate the Bias of the Value of a Statistical LifeSpengler, Hannes / Schaffner, Sandra
2007 Computation of Equilibria in OLG Models with Many Heterogeneous HouseholdsRausch, Sebastian / Rutherford, Thomas F.
2007 Self-enforcing Norms and the Efficient Non-cooperative Organization of ClansKonrad, Kai A. / Leininger, Wolfgang
2007 Demand Elasticities for Mobile Telecommunications in AustriaDewenter, Ralf / Haucap, Justus
2007 Is the Relationship Between Inflation and its Uncertainty Linear?Karanasos, Menelaos / Schurer, Stefanie
2007 Fiscal Discrimination Between Consumer Groups: Tax Burden Distribution Under Price DiscriminationPlewka, Jörg
2007 Labour Market Outcomes of Immigrants in Germany – The Importance of Heterogeneity and Attrition BiasFertig, Michael / Schurer, Stefanie
2007 Enlarging the EMU to the east: What effects on trade?Belke, Ansgar / Spies, Julia
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