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DateTitle Authors
2006 A geoadditive Bayesian latent variable model for Poisson indicatorsFahrmeir, Ludwig / Steinert, Sven
2006 Comparing the efficiency of structural and functional methods in measurement error modelsSchneeweiss, Hans / Kukush, Alexander
2006 Risk performance of Stein-rule estimators over the least squares estimators of regression coefficients under quadratic loss structuresShalabh / Toutenburg, Helge / Heumann, Christian
2006 Semiparametric multinomial logit models for analysing consumer choice behaviourKneib, Thomas / Baumgartner, Bernhard / Steiner, Winfried J.
2006 Stochastic volatility models for ordinal valued time series with application to financeMüller, Gernot J. / Czado, Claudia
2006 Multivariate tail copula: modeling and estimationKlüppelberg, Claudia / Kuhn, Gabriel / Peng, Liang
2006 Validating linear restrictions in linear regression models with general error structureHolzmann, Hajo / Min, Aleksey / Czado, Claudia
2006 Penalized partial least squares based on B-Splines transformationsKrämer, Nicole / Boulesteix, Anne-Laure / Tutz, Gerhard
2006 Symmetric and asymmetric roundingSchneeweiss, Hans / Komlos, John / Ahmad, A. S.
2006 Smoothing with curvature constraints based on boosting techniquesLeitenstorfer, Florian / Tutz, Gerhard
2006 Spatial smoothing techniques for the assessment of habitat suitabilityKneib, Thomas / Müller, Jörg / Hothorn, Torsten
2006 Asymptotic optimality of the quasi-score estimator in a class of linear score estimatorsKukush, Alexander / Schneeweiss, Hans
2006 Pair-copula constructions of multiple dependenceAas, Kjersti / Czado, Claudia / Frigessi, Arnoldo / Bakken, Henrik
2006 Smoothing sparse and unevenly sampled curves using semiparametric mixed models: an application to online auctionsReithinger, Florian / Jank, Wolfgang / Tutz, Gerhard / Shmueli, Galit
2006 An exponential continuous time GARCH processHaug, Stephan / Czado, Claudia
2006 State space mixed models for longitudinal obsservations with binary and binomial responsesCzado, Claudia / Song, Peter X.-K.
2006 Empirical likelihood methods for an AR(1) process with ARCH(1) errorsKlüppelberg, Claudia / Peng, Liang
2006 Propriety of posteriors in structured additive regression models: theory and empirical evidenceFahrmeir, Ludwig / Kneib, Thomas
2006 Modeling dependencies between rating categories and their effects on prediction in a credit risk portfolioCzado, Claudia / Pflüger, Carolin
2006 Bayesian estimation of the size of a populationHöhle, Michael / Held, Leonhard
2006 Maximally selected chi-square statistics and umbrella orderingsBoulesteix, Anne-Laure / Strobl, Carolin
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