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DateTitle Authors
2003 Efficient simulation of Bayesian logistic regression modelsHolmes, C / Knorr-Held, L
2003 The Reduced Form of a Block Recursive ModelSchneeweiss, Hans / Maschke, Erich Otto / Pfannes, M.
2003 Women, Work, and Motherhood: Changing Employment Penalties for Motherhood in West Germany after 1945 : A Comparative Analysis of Cohorts Born in 1934-1971Bender, Stefan / Kohlmann, Annette / Lang, Stefan
2003 Locally Adaptive Function Estimation for Binary Regression ModelsJerak, Alexander / Lang, Stefan
2003 Responder Identification in Clinical Trials with Censored DataKehl, Victoria / Ulm, Kurt
2003 Additive Modelling with Penalized Regression Splines and Genetic AlgorithmsKrause, Rüdiger / Tutz, Gerhard
2003 A Framework to Discover Emerging Patterns for Application in Microarray DataBoulesteix, Anne-Laure / Tutz, Gerhard
2003 Bayesian modelling of space-time interactions on the Lexis diagramSchmid, Volker / Held, Leonhard
2003 Das Auszugsverhalten junger MenschenGartner, Hermann / Scholz, Torsten
2003 Assessing Brain Activity through Spatial Bayesian Variable SelectionFahrmeir, Ludwig / Auer, Dorothee P. / Pütz, Benno / Smith, Michael
2003 Bayesian mapping of brain regions using compound Markov random field priorsHennerfeind, Andrea / Gössl, Christoff / Fahrmeir, Ludwig
2003 Response smoothing estimators in binary regressionTutz, Gerhard
2003 Modelling time-varying effects in Cox model under order restrictionsSalanti, Georgia / Ulm, Kurt
2003 Local Principal CurvesTutz, Gerhard / Einbeck, Jochen / Evers, Ludger
2003 Generalized structured additive regression based on Bayesian P-splinesBrezger, Andreas / Lang, Stefan
2003 Multiple Imputation von fehlenden Werten mit Daten über Unterernährung und KindersterblichkeitGartner, Hermann / Scheid, Sandro
2003 Modeling Probabilities of Patent Oppositions in a Bayesian Semiparametric Regression FrameworkJerak, Alexander / Wagner, Stefan
2003 Theoretical Foundations of Autoregressive Models for Time Series on Acyclic Directed GraphsCzado, Claudia / Högn, Ralph
2003 Exact numerical algorithms for linear stochastic wave equation and stochastic Klein-Gordon equationWinkler, Gerhard / Prigarin, Sergej M. / Martin, Andreas
2003 Numerical solution of boundary value problems for stochastic differential equations on the basis of the Gibbs samplerPrigarin, Sergej M. / Winkler, Gerhard
2003 An Elementary Rigorous Introduction to Exact SamplingFriedrich, Felix / Winkler, Gerhard / Wittich, Olaf / Liebscher, Volkmar
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