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DateTitle Authors
2012 Average wage, qualification of the workforce and export performance in German enterprises: Evidence from KombiFiD dataWagner, Joachim
2012 A utilitarian notion of responsibility for sustainabilityFünfgelt, Joachim / Baumgärtner, Stefan
2012 New methods for the analysis of links between international firm activities and firm performance: A practitioner's guideWagner, Joachim
2012 Establishment exits in Germany: The role of size and ageFackler, Daniel / Schnabel, Claus / Wagner, Joachim
2012 Environmental justice in agricultural systems: An evaluation of success factors and barriers by the example of the Philippine farmer network MASIPAGGlotzbach, Stefanie
2012 The microstructure of the Great Export Collapse in German manufacturing industries, 2008/2009Wagner, Joachim
2012 Consumer reaction on tumbling funds: Evidence from retail fund outflows during the financial crisis 2007/2008Schmidt, Daniel / Schmielewski, Frank
2012 Age and gender composition of the workforce, productivity and profits: Evidence from a new type of data for German enterprisesPfeifer, Christian / Wagner, Joachim
2012 Are private banks the better banks? An insight into the principal-agent structure and risk-taking behavior of German banksSchmielewski, Frank / Wein, Thomas
2012 Age and gender differences in job opportunitiesHumpert, Stephan
2012 Leveraging and risk taking within the German banking system: Evidence from the financial crisis in 2007 and 2008Schmielewski, Frank
2012 Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre: Forschungsbericht 2011
2012 The quality of the KombiFiD-sample of business services enterprises: Evidence from a replication studyVogel, Alexander / Wagner, Joachim
2011 The quality of the KombiFiD-sample of enterprises from manufacturing industries: Evidence from a replication studyWagner, Joachim
2011 Endogenous environmental policy when pollution is transboundaryFünfgelt, Joachim / Schulze, Günther G.
2011 Complementarity, impatience, and the resilience of natural-dependent economiesQuaas, Martin F. / van Soest, Daan / Baumgärtner, Stefan
2011 Explaining age and gender differences in employment rates: A labor supply side perspectiveHumpert, Stephan / Pfeifer, Christian
2011 Microeconomic consequences of exemptions from value added taxation: The case of Deutsche PostWein, Thomas
2011 Physical attractiveness, employment and earningsPfeifer, Christian
2011 Productivity and international firm activities: What do we know?Wagner, Joachim
2011 Irreversibility, ignorance, and the intergenerational equity-efficiency trade-offHoberg, Nikolai / Baumgärtner, Stefan
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