Working Paper Series in Economics, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

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2015 All along the data watch tower: 15 years of European data watch in Schmollers JahrbuchWagner, Joachim
2015 Hidden climate change related risks for the private sectorBrunsmeier, Annette; Groth, Markus
2015 Die Relevanz von Klimawandelfolgen für Kritische Infrastrukturen am Beispiel des deutschen EnergiesektorsGroth, Markus; Cortekar, Jörg
2015 Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre: Forschungsbericht 2014Universität Lüneburg, Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre
2015 25 Jahre Nutzung vertraulicher Firmenpaneldaten der amtlichen Statistik für wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Forschung: Produkte, Projekte, Probleme, PerspektivenWagner, Joachim
2015 Environmental regulation and sustainable competitiveness: Evaluating the role of firm-level green investments in the context of the Porter hypothesisStoever, Jana; Weche, John P.
2015 Trade dynamics and trade costs: First evidence from the exporter and importer dynamics database for GermanyWagner, Joachim
2015 Unfair wage perceptions and sleep: Evidence from German survey dataPfeifer, Christian
2015 Marktbeherrschung im Tankstellenmarkt Fehlender Binnen- und Außenwettbewerb an der Tankstelle? Deskriptive Evidenz für MarktbeherrschungNeukirch, Arne; Wein, Thomas
2015 A survey of empirical studies using transaction level data on exports and importsWagner, Joachim
2015 Climate change related risks, opportunities and adaptation actions in European cities: Insights from responses to the CDP cities programGroth, Markus; Brück, Maria; Oberascher, Teresa
2015 Does green corporate investment really crowd out other business investment?Weche, John P.
2015 R&D activities and extensive margins of exports in manufacturing enterprises: First evidence for GermanyWagner, Joachim
2015 Meta-analytic cointegrating rank tests for dependent panelsKaraman Örsal, Deniz Dilan; Arsova, Antonia
2015 Share of exports to low-income countries, productivity, and innovation: A replication study with firm-level data from six European countriesWagner, Joachim
2015 Drug prices and pressure group activities in the German health care market: An application of the Becker modelBusch, Anne Maria
2015 Drug prices, rents, and votes in the German health care market: An application of the Peltzman modelBusch, Anne Maria
2015 Credit constraints and the extensive margins of exports: First evidence for German manufacturingWagner, Joachim
2015 Life satisfaction in Germany after reunification: Additional insights on the pattern of convergencePetrunyk, Inna; Pfeifer, Christian
2015 Kombinierte Firmenpaneldaten: Datenangebot und AnalysepotenzialeWagner, Joachim
Collection's Items (Sorted by Year of Publication in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 352
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