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DateTitle Authors
2010 Baumol's cost-disease, efficiency, and productivity in the performing arts: An analysis of German public theatersLast, Anne-Kathrin / Wetzel, Heike
2010 Nanotechnologie in Deutschland: Eine Bestandsaufnahme aus Unternehmensperspektive ; Ergebnisse einer Online-BefragungZülsdorf, Torben / Ott, Ingrid / Papilloud, Christian
2010 Machen Kinder doch glücklich?Humpert, Stephan
2010 Exports and firm characteristics in German manufacturing industriesWagner, Joachim
2010 The link between career risk aversion and unemployment duration: Evidence of non-linear and time-depending patternOberschachtsiek, Dirk / Ullrich, Britta
2010 The post-entry performance of cohorts of export starters in German manufacturing industriesWagner, Joachim
2010 Self-selection into export markets by business services firms: Evidence from France, Germany and the United KingdomTemouri, Yama / Vogel, Alexander / Wagner, Joachim
2010 An empirical note on imitative obesity and a puzzling resultBraakmann, Nils
2010 Bush encroachment control and risk management in semi-arid rangelandsLukomska, Natalia / Quaas, Martin F. / Baumgärtner, Stefan
2010 Towards an agri-environment index for biodiversity conservation payment schemesDittmer, Franziska / Groth, Markus
2010 Estimated capital stock values for German manufacturing enterprises covered by the cost structure surveysWagner, Joachim
2010 Sustainability economics: General versus specific, and conceptual versus practicalBaumgärtner, Stefan / Quaas, Martin
2010 From estimation results to stylized facts: Twelve recommendations for empirical research in international activities of heterogeneous firmsWagner, Joachim
2010 The exporter productivity premium along the productivity distribution: First evidence from a quantile regression approach for fixed effects panel data modelsPowell, David / Wagner, Joachim
2010 Training participation of an aging workforce in an internal labor marketPfeifer, Christian / Janssen, Simon / Yang, Philip / Backes-Gellner, Uschi
2010 The causal relationship between education, health and health related behaviour: Evidence from a natural experiment in EnglandBraakmann, Nils
2011 Effects of training on employee suggestions and promotions in an internal labor marketPfeifer, Christian / Janssen, Simon / Yang, Philip / Backes-Gellner, Uschi
2011 Determinants of structured finance issuance: A cross-country comparisonSchuetz, Sebastian A.
2011 Optimal grazing management rules in semi-arid rangelands with uncertain rainfallQuaas, Martin F. / Baumgärtner, Stefan
2011 Exports, imports and firm survival: First evidence for manufacturing enterprises in GermanyWagner, Joachim
2011 Trade-offs between justices, economics, and efficiencyBaumgärtner, Stefan / Glotzbach, Stefanie / Hoberg, Nikolai / Quaas, Martin F. / Stump, Klara
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