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DateTitle Authors
2011 Irreversibility, ignorance, and the intergenerational equity-efficiency trade-offHoberg, Nikolai / Baumgärtner, Stefan
2011 Foreign ownership and firm survival: First evidence for enterprises in GermanyWagner, Joachim / Gelübcke, John P. Weche
2011 Robust estimates of exporter productivity premia in German business services enterprisesVogel, Alexander / Wagner, Joachim
2011 Risk preferences under heterogeneous environmental riskOlbrich, Roland / Quaas, Martin F. / Haensler, Andreas / Baumgärtner, Stefan
2011 The heterogeneous economic consequences of works council relationPfeifer, Christian
2011 Is conceptual vagueness an asset? Resilience research from the perspective of philosophy of scienceStrunz, Sebastian
2011 Personal norms of sustainability and their impact on management: The case of rangeland management in semi-arid regionsOlbrich, Roland / Quaas, Martin F. / Baumgärtner, Stefan
2011 Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre: Forschungsbericht 2010
2011 How export-led growth can lead to take-offBenner, Maximilian
2011 The German manufacturing sector is a granular economyWagner, Joachim
2011 Foreign ownership and firm performance in German services: First evidence based on official statisticsWeche Gelübcke, John P.
2011 Subadditivity and contestability in the postal sector: Theory and evidenceEl Masri, Toufic M.
2011 Exports, foreign direct investments and productivity: Are services firms different?Wagner, Joachim
2011 Competing in the higher education market: Empirical evidence for economies of scale and scope in German higher education institutionsOlivares, Maria / Wetzel, Heike
2011 On the notion of ecological justiceGlotzbach, Stefanie
2011 International trade and firm performance: A survey of empirical studies since 2006Wagner, Joachim
2011 The performance of foreign affiliates in German manufacturing: Evidence from a new databaseWeche Gelübcke, John P.
2011 Exports, imports and profitability: First evidence for manufacturing enterprisesWagner, Joachim
2011 Ownership patterns and enterprise groups in German structural business statisticsWeche Gelübcke, John P.
2011 Enthüllungsrisiko beim Remote Access: Die Schwerpunkteigenschaft der RegressionsgeradeVogel, Alexander
2011 Trade-offs between justices, economics, and efficiencyBaumgärtner, Stefan / Glotzbach, Stefanie / Hoberg, Nikolai / Quaas, Martin F. / Stump, Klara
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