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DateTitle Authors
2014 Waiting to start a business venture: Empirical evidence on the determinants and effects of wait timeOberschachtsiek, Dirk
2014 Is export diversification good for profitability? First evidence for manufacturing enterprises in GermanyWagner, Joachim
2014 Exports and firm profitability: Quality matters!Wagner, Joachim
2014 Credit constraints and margins of import: First evidence for German manufacturing enterprisesWagner, Joachim
2014 What makes a high-quality exporter? Evidence from GermanyWagner, Joachim
2014 Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre: Forschungsbericht 2013
2014 Low-productive exporters are high-quality exporters: Evidence from GermanyWagner, Joachim
2013 Cost containment and managed care: Evidence from German macro dataEhlert, Andree / Oberschachtsiek, Dirk / Prawda, Stefan
2013 Do outliers and unobserved heterogeneity explain the exporter productivity premium? Evidence from France, Germany and the United KingdomTemouri, Yama / Wagner, Joachim
2013 Extensive margins of imports in The Great Import Recovery in Germany, 2009/2010Wagner, Joachim
2013 Risk or resilience? The role of trade integration and foreign ownership for the survival of German enterprises during the Crisis 2008 - 2010Wagner, Joachim / Weche Gelübcke, John P.
2013 Competition through cooperation? The case of the German postal marketEl Masri, Toufic M.
2013 Are new German postal providers successful? Empirical evidence based on unique survey dataEl Masri, Toufic M.
2013 Likelihood-based panel cointegration test in the presence of a linear time trend and cross-sectional dependenceArsova, Antonia / Karaman Örsal, Deniz Dilan
2013 Human capital diversity and entrepreneurship: Results from the regional individual skill dispersion nexus on self-employment activityOberschachtsiek, Dirk
2013 Gender differences in life satisfaction and social participationHumpert, Stephan
2013 Subsistence and substitutability in consumer preferencesBaumgärtner, Stefan / Drupp, Moritz A. / Quaas, Martin F.
2013 Ramsey discounting of ecosystem servicesBaumgärtner, Stefan / Klein, Alexandra M. / Thiel, Denise / Winkler, Klara
2013 Georg von Charasoff's theory of value, capital and prices of productionHuth, Thomas
2013 Credit constraints, foreign ownership, and foreign takeovers in GermanyWagner, Joachim / Weche Gelübcke, John P.
2013 Foreign ownership and the extensive margins of exports: Evidence for manufacturing enterprises in GermanyRaff, Horst / Wagner, Joachim
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