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DateTitle Authors
2009 Versorgung von HIV-Patienten in Deutschland: Herausforderungen der ZukunftClaes, Christa / Mittendorf, Thomas / Stoll, Matthias
2009 Village funds and access to finance in rural ThailandMenkhoff, Lukas / Rungruxsirivorn, Ornsiri
2009 Lower partial moments as a measure of vulnerability to poverty in CameroonWitt, Rudolf / Waibel, Hermann
2009 Fiscal stimulus: A neoclassical perspectiveStrulik, Holger / Trimborn, Timo
2009 Financial professionals' overconfidence: Is it experience, job, or attitude?Gloede, Oliver / Menkhoff, Lukas
2009 The open method of coordination (OMC) as an evolutionary learning processAnia, Ana B. / Wagener, Andreas
2009 Testing for long memory against ESTAR nonlinearitiesKuswanto, Heri / Sibbertsen, Philipp
2009 A new simple test against spurious long memory using temporal aggregationKuswanto, Heri
2009 Climate risk and farming systems in rural CameroonWitt, Rudolf / Waibel, Hermann
2009 Perceived unfairness in CEO compensation and work moraleCornelissen, Thomas / Himmler, Oliver / Koenig, Tobias
2009 Der Einfluss der Tarifbindung auf Lohnhöhe und LohnverteilungTeschner, Tatjana
2009 Does training on behavioral finance influence fund managers' perception and behavior?Nikiforow, Marina
2009 Setting inventory levels of CONWIP flow lines via linear programmingHelber, Stefan / Schimmelpfeng, Katja / Stolletz, Raik
2009 Testing for a break in persistence under long-range dependencies and mean shiftsSibbertsen, Philipp / Willert, Juliane
2009 The empirical relation between credit quality, recovery and correlationRösch, Daniel / Scheule, Harald
2009 The determinants of subsistence income in a Malthusian worldStrulik, Holger / Weisdorf, Jacob
2009 The formation of urban centers under R&D and spillover externalitiesKranich, Jan
2009 Patience and prosperityStrulik, Holger
2009 Value chain analysis methodologies in the context of environment and trade researchFaße, Anja / Grote, Ulrike / Winter, Etti
2009 Learning from post-trade identity disclosure in electronic tradingMenkhoff, Lukas / Schmeling, Maik
2009 Knowledge and growth in the very long-runStrulik, Holger
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