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DateTitle Authors
2004 A New Approach to Optimal Commodity TaxationHomburg, Stefan
2004 Warrant Pro 1: Market Price Synthesis with a Software Agent and a NeurosimulatorBartels, Patrick / Breitner, Michael H.
2004 Modellierung der Sicherheit von Informationssystemen mit DROPSPrieß, Andreas / Hoppe, Gabriela
2004 Überrenditen durch Point&Figure-Charts: Zufall oder System?Gerth, Hendrik / Niermann, Stefan
2004 Monopolistic Competition and Entrepreneurial Risk-Taking - Too many Cooks Spoil the Broth (but Everyone is better off) -Clemens, Christiane
2004 Entrepreneurship and Growth - An Overlapping Generations Approach -Clemens, Christiane
2004 Growth and Labor Income Risk with Inelastic and Elastic Labor SupplyClemens, Christiane
2004 Modelling exchange rate volatility in the run-up to EMU using a Markov switching GARCH modelFrömmel, Michael
2004 Cross-Border-Leasing: Ein neuer Ansatz zur Stadionfinanzierung?Panke, Benjamin / Rebeggiani, Luca
2004 The Rise of Fund Managers in Foreign Exchange: Will Fundamentals Ultimately Dominate?Gehrig, Thomas P. / Menkhoff, Lukas
2004 Do Fund Managers Expect Mean Averting Returns?Stotz, Olaf / Lütje, Torben / Menkhoff, Lukas / von Nitzsch, Rüdiger
2004 Sichtweisen und Anlageverhalten des österreichischen FondsmanagementsLütje, Torben
2005 Hartz IV: The German ?Word of the Year 2004? and the Country?s Hope to overcome its Problem of UnemploymentLohse, Tim
2005 09/11 on the USD/EUR Foreign Exchange MarketMende, Alexander
2005 Automatic Price Comparison Services: A global studyGenath, Heiko / Brüggemann, Tobias / Breitner, Michael H.
2005 The Use of Trading Strategies by Fund Managers: Some First Survey EvidenceMenkhoff, Lukas / Schmidt, Ulrich
2005 Phillips-Perron-type unit root tests in the nonlinear ESTAR frameworkRothe, Christoph / Sibbertsen, Philipp
2005 Discrimination against Newcomers: Impacts of the German Emission Trading Regime on the Electricity SectorBode, Sven / Hübl, Lothar / Schaffner, Joey / Twelemann, Sven
2005 Tests of Bias in Log-Periodogram RegressionDavidson, James E. H. / Sibbertsen, Philipp
2005 The Power of the KPSS{Test for Cointegration when Residuals are Fractionally IntegratedSibbertsen, Philipp / Krämer, Walter
2005 Panel Data Econometrics: Modelling and EstimationHübler, Olaf
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