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DateTitle Authors
2015 Labor mobility and technology diffusion: A new concept and its application to rural Southeast AsiaHübler, Michael
2015 Does regulatory independence translate into a higher degree of liberalization? Evidence from EU energy regulatorsLindemann, Henrik
2015 Superneutrality of money under open market operationsHomburg, Stefan
2015 A multivariate test against spurious long memorySibbertsen, Philipp / Leschinski, Christian / Holzhausen, Marie
2015 Inconsistent voting behavior in the FOMCLähner, Tom
2015 A trade network theoryHübler, Michael
2015 Are smartphones smart for economic development?Hartje, Rebecca / Hübler, Michael
2015 Budgetary interests and the degree of unbundling in electricity markets: An empirical analysis for OECD countriesLindemann, Henrik
2015 Predicting economic activity via Eurozone yield spreads: Impact of credit riskSchock, Matthias
2015 Regulatory objectives and the intensity of unbundling in electricity marketsLindemann, Henrik
2015 Information criteria for nonlinear time series modelsRinke, Saskia / Sibbertsen, Philipp
2014 How does future tourism affect today's depletion of natural resources in a globalized world?Hübler, Michael
2014 The future of development aid in a globalizing world with climate changeHübler, Michael
2014 Quality- and profit-oriented scheduling of flexible resource-constrained projectsKellenbrink, Carolin / Helber, Stefan
2014 A theory-based discussion of international technology fundingHübler, Michael
2014 Are we architects of our own happiness? The importance of family background for well-beingSchnitzlein, Daniel D. / Wunder, Christoph
2014 Do Eurozone yield spreads predict recessions?Schock, Matthias
2014 A new look at intergenerational mobility in Germany compared to the USSchnitzlein, Daniel D.
2014 Migration as an adjustment mechanism in the crisis? A comparison of Europe and the United StatesJauer, Julia / Liebig, Thomas / Martin, John P. / Puhani, Patrick A.
2014 Chancengleichheit durch den Zweiten Bildungsweg? Langfristige Arbeitsmarkterträge später HochschulreifeSterrenberg, Margret K.
2014 What caused the Great Recession?Homburg, Stefan
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