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DateTitle Authors
2014 How do consumers choose health insurance? An experiment on heterogeneity in attribute tastes and risk preferencesKairies-Schwarz, Nadja / Kokot, Johanna / Vomhof, Markus / Wessling, Jens
2014 Small cash rewards for big losers: Experimental insights into the fight against the obesity epidemicAugurzky, Boris / Bauer, Thomas K. / Reichert, Arndt R. / Schmidt, Christoph M. / Tauchmann, Harald
2014 Consistent subsets: Computationally feasible methods to compute the Houtman-Maks-indexHeufer, Jan / Hjertstrand, Per
2014 Is the German retail gas market competitive? A spatial-temporal analysis using quantile regressionKihm, Alex / Ritter, Nolan / Vance, Colin
2014 Sorting into physician payment schemes: A laboratory experimentBrosig-Koch, Jeannette / Kairies-Schwarz, Nadja / Kokot, Johanna
2014 Choice of received long-term care: Individual responses to regional nursing home provisionsPilny, Adam / Stroka, Magdalena A.
2014 The determinants of equity transmission between the new and used car markets: A hedonic analysisKihm, Alex / Vance, Colin
2014 Revenue maximizing head starts in contestsFranke, Jörg / Leininger, Wolfgang / Wasser, Cédric
2014 Do macroeconomic shocks affect intuitive inflation forecasting? An experimental investigationDeversi, Marvin
2014 Environmental management systems: Does certification pay?Frondel, Manuel / Krätschell, Karoline / Zwick, Lina
2014 Mergers and acquisitions in the German hospital market: Who are the targets?Pilny, Adam
2014 Sick of your job? Negative health effects from non-optimal employmentKleibrink, Jan
2014 Selective-referral and unobserved patient heterogeneity: Bias in the volume-outcome relationshipHentschker, Corinna / Mennicken, Roman
2014 Long-term care insurance and carers' labor supply: A structural modelGeyer, Johannes / Korfhage, Thorben
2014 Border effects in house pricesMicheli, Martin / Rouwendal, Jan / Dekkers, Jasper
2014 Are Armington elasticities different across countries and sectors? A European studyOlekseyuk, Zoryana / Schürenberg-Frosch, Hannah
2014 A nonparametric partially identified estimator for equivalence scalesDudel, Christian
2014 Explaining differentials in subsidy levels among hospital ownership types in GermanyPilny, Adam
2014 Does hospital reputation influence the choice of hospital?Pilny, Adam / Mennicken, Roman
2014 Sacrifice ratios for euro area countries: New evidence on the costs of price stabilityBelke, Ansgar / Böing, Tobias
2014 Do elderly choose nursing homes by quality, price or location?Schmitz, Hendrik / Stroka, Magdalena A.
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