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DateTitle Authors
2003 Mobility within Europe - The Attitudes of European YoungstersFertig, Michael / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2003 Educational Production, Endogenous Peer Group Formation and Class Composition - Evidence From the PISA 2000 StudyFertig, Michael
2003 ICT and Socio-Economic ExclusionHaisken-DeNew, John P. / D'Ambrosio, Conchita
2003 Who's to Blame? The Determinants of German Students' Achievement in the PISA 2000 StudyFertig, Michael
2003 Sheepskin Effects in JapanBauer, Thomas K. / Dross, Patrick J. / Haisken-DeNew, John P.
2003 Credit Crunch in Germany?Nehls, Hiltrud / Schmidt, Torsten
2003 The Impact of Economic Integration on Employment - An Assessment in the Context of EU-EnlargementFertig, Michael
2003 Gerontocracy in Motion? - European Cross-Country Evidence on the Labor Market Consequences of Population AgeingFertig, Michael / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2003 School Quality, Educational Attainment and Aggregation BiasFertig, Michael / Wright, Robert E.
2003 The Demand for High-skilled Worker and Immigration PolicyBauer, Thomas K. / Kunze, Astrid
2004 The Effectiveness of Qualification Measures for Employed Workers - An Evaluation Study for SaxonyFertig, Michael
2004 Real and Nominal Wage Rigidities and the Rate of Inflation: Evidence from West German Micro DataBauer, Thomas K. / Bonin, Holger / Sunde, Uwe
2004 A Conceptual Framework for the Evaluation of Comprehensive Labor Market Policy Reforms in GermanyFertig, Michael / Kluve, Jochen
2004 Dismissal Protection and Worker Flows in Small EstablishmentsBauer, Thomas K. / Bender, Stefan / Bonin, Holger
2004 What Triggers Environmental Management and Innovation? - Empirical Evidence for GermanyRennings, Klaus / Horbach, Jens / Frondel, Manuel
2004 The Birth of German Biotechnology Industry - Did Venture Capital run the show?Heneric, Oliver / Engel, Dirk / Champenois, Claire
2004 Firing the Furnace? - An Econometric Analysis of Utilities' Fuel ChoiceTauchmann, Harald
2004 The Societal Integration of Immigrants in GermanyFertig, Michael
2004 Shot Across the Bow, Stigma or Selection? - The Effect of Repeating a Class on Educational AttainmentFertig, Michael
2004 International Labor Migration, Economic Growth and Labor Markets - The Current State of AffairsSchmidt, Christoph M. / Haisken-DeNew, John P. / Bauer, Thomas K.
2004 Assessing the performance of matching algorithms when selection into treatment is strongAugurzky, Boris / Kluve, Jochen
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