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DateTitle Authors
2006 Before and After the Hartz Reforms: The Performance of Active Labour Market Policy in GermanyJacobi, Lena / Kluve, Jochen
2006 A Note on Consistency of Heckman-type two-step Estimators for the Multivariate Sample-Selection ModelTauchmann, Harald
2006 Marginal Effects and Significance Testing with Heckman's Sample Selection Model: A Methodological NoteVance, Colin
2006 On the Restrictiveness of Separability: The Significance of Energy in German ManufacturingFrondel, Manuel / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2006 The Effectiveness of European Active Labor Market PolicyKluve, Jochen
2005 Biodiesel: A New Oildorado?Frondel, Manuel / Peters, Jörg
2005 The Intriguing Nexus between Corruption and Capital Account RestrictionsDreher, Axel / Siemers, Lars-H. R.
2005 Knowledge Transfer in Buyer-Supplier Relationships - When It (Not) OccursBönte, Werner / Wiethaus, Lars
2005 The Effect of Poverty on the Health of Newborn Children - Evidence from GermanyTamm, Marcus
2005 Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition for Tobit ModelsBauer, Thomas K. / Sinning, Mathias
2005 Effects of Oil Price Shocks on German Business CyclesSchmidt, Torsten / Zimmermann, Tobias
2005 Human Capital and Economic Growth in OECD CountriesMiddendorf, Torge
2005 The Savings Behavior of Temporary and Permanent Migrants in GermanyBauer, Thomas K. / Sinning, Mathias
2005 Price Elasticities and Social Health Insurance Choice in Germany: A Dynamic Panel Data ApproachGreß, Stefan / Tamm, Marcus / Tauchmann, Harald / Wasem, Jürgen
2005 The Effect of Age at School Entry on Educational Attainment in GermanyFertig, Michael / Kluve, Jochen
2005 A Portrait of Child Poverty in GermanyCorak, Miles / Fertig, Michael / Tamm, Marcus
2005 The Educational and Professional Background of Central Bankers and its Effect on Inflation - An Empirical AnalysisGöhlmann, Silja / Vaubel, Roland
2004 Characterizing Movements of the U.S. Current Account DeficitMiddendorf, Torge / Schmidt, Torsten
2004 What Can We Learn From International Student Performance Studies? Some Methodological RemarksFertig, Michael
2004 Do Organizational Forms matter? An Econometric Analysis of Innovativeness in the German Wastewater SectorTauchmann, Harald / Clausen, Hartmut
2004 Assessing the performance of matching algorithms when selection into treatment is strongAugurzky, Boris / Kluve, Jochen
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