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DateTitle Authors
2014 Is there a difference? Exchange rate nonlinearities in European agri-food (versus total) exports to the USFedoseeva, Svetlana
2014 The measurement of internet availability and quality in the context of the discussion on digital divideLüdering, Jochen
2013 Proceedings of the International Conference and Young Researchers' Forum: 'Natural resource use in Central Asia: institutional challenges and the contribution of capacity building'. Held in Giessen, 1st October 2013
2013 Do German exporters PTM? Searching for right answers in sugar confectionery exportsFedoseeva, Svetlana
2013 Does the availability of secondary schools increase primary schooling? Empirical evidence from northern SenegalGoensch, Iris
2012 Climate risk management in Central Asian agriculture: A situation analysisPawlowski, Ira
2012 Forests in the context of climate change in KazakhstanSehring, Jenniver
2012 Play-hysteresis in supply as part of a market modelGöcke, Matthias
2011 Robustness of clustering methods for identification of potential falsifications in survey dataStorfinger, Nina / Winker, Peter
2011 Datenbasierte Indikatoren für potenziell abweichendes InterviewerverhaltenStorfinger, Nina / Opper, Marie
2011 A literature review of methods to detect fabricated survey dataBredl, Sebastian / Storfinger, Nina / Menold, Natalja
2011 Education for all and for life? An introduction into primary school education in SenegalGönsch, Iris / Graef, Steffen
2010 The EU strategy for Central Asia and Kyrgyzstan foreign policyMomosheva, Nazira
2010 Determinants of primary school enrollment in Haiti and the Dominican RepublicGönsch, Iris
2010 Different background - Similar strategies: Recruitment in Tanzanian-African and Tanzanian-Asian companiesEgbert, Henrik / Fischer, Gundula / Bredl, Sebastian
2010 The European Union and Central Asia: Challenges and prospects of cooperationRakhimov, Mirzokhid
2010 Central Asian integration as a way of guaranteeing regional security, economic growth, feasibility and prospectsNajmitdinov, Ahadhon
2010 Protection mechanisms and services for young workers in Central Asia and the European UnionKulakhmetova, Anel
2010 Humanities in transition: Liberation of knowledge in Central Asia and the potential role of the European UnionJonboboev, Sunatullo
2010 Changing politics in Central Asia: The Case of KazakhstanJetpyspayeva, Yelena
2009 Advertisements or friends? Formal and informal recruitment methods in TanzaniaEgbert, Henrik / Fischer, Gundula / Bredl, Sebastian
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