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DateTitle Authors
2006 Does the Service Argument Justify Resale Price Maintenance?Schulz, Norbert
2006 International Trade, Hedging and the Demand for Forward ContractsEisenschmidt, Jens / Wälde, Klaus
2006 Monetary Policy in China (1994-2004) : Targets, Instruments and their EffectivenessGeiger, Michael
2006 The Svensson versus McCallum and Nelson Controversy Revisited in the BMW FrameworkBofinger, Peter / Mayer, Eric
2006 Teaching New Keynesian Open Economy Macroeconomics at the Intermediate LevelBofinger, Peter / Mayer, Eric / Wollmershäuser, Timo
2005 Parametric vs. Nonparametric Estimation of an Equilibrium Search Model with Employer HeterogeneityLaunov, Andrey / Wolf, Joachim
2005 Search Equilibrium, Production Parameters and Social Returns to Education: Theory and EstimationLaunov, Andrey / Holzner, Christian
2005 Pareto - Improving Unemployment PoliciesWälde, Klaus / Lingens, Jörg
2005 Bequests, taxation and the distribution of wealth in a general equilibrium modelSexauer, Martin / Kleiber, Christian / Wälde, Klaus
2005 Forecasting monetary policy in Switzerland: Some empirical assistanceHock, Thorsten / Zimmermann, Patrick
2005 Die Duale Einkommensteuer des Sachverständigenrates in der DiskussionOeffner, Marc
2005 "Ito's Lemma" and the Bellman equation for Poisson processes: An applied viewSennewald, Ken / Wälde, Klaus
2005 Natural volatility, welfare and taxationPosch, Olaf / Wälde, Klaus
2005 Resale Maintenance and the Service Argument: Efficiency EffectsSchulz, Norbert
2004 The Stability and Growth Pact Time to Rebuild!Bofinger, Peter / Mayer, Eric
2004 E-Stabilty: Über die Lernbarkeit von rationalen ErwatungsgleichgewichtenHenzel, Steffen / Mayer, Eric / Schimpfermann, Bodo
2004 Bank Loan Supply and Monetary Policy Transmission in Germany: An Assessment based on Matching Impulse ResponsesHülsewig, Oliver / Mayer, Eric / Wollmershäuser, Timo
2004 Resale Price Maintenance and the Service Argument (in the Book Trade)Schulz, Norbert
2004 The provision of public inputs in a federation under asymmetric informationKrause, Günter
2004 On the role of budgeting in the delegated provision of public goods under asymmetric informationKrause, Günter
2004 Sterilized Foreign Exchange Market Interventions in a Chartist-Fundamentalist Exchange Rate ModelSchmidt, Robert / Wollmershäuser, Timo
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