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DateTitle Authors
2004 Sterilized Foreign Exchange Market Interventions in a Chartist-Fundamentalist Exchange Rate ModelSchmidt, Robert / Wollmershäuser, Timo
2004 A systematic comparison of professional exchange rate forecasts with judgmental forecasts of novices : Are there substantial differences?Schmidt, Robert / Leitner, Johannes
2004 A Simulation Model for the Demographic Transition in Germany : Data Requirements, Model Structure and CalibrationJokisch, Sabine / Halder, Gitte / Fehr, Hans
2003 Bank behavior, interest rate targeting and monetary policy transmissionHülsewig, Oliver
2003 Risk classification and cream skimming on the deregulated German insurance marketBeschorner, Patrick F. E.
2003 Should one rely on professional exchange rate forecasts: An empirical analysis of professional forecasts for the €/US-$ rateBofinger, Peter / Schmidt, Robert
2003 The mechanics of a reasonably fitted quarterly New Keynesian macro modelMayer, Eric
2003 The BMW model: A new framework for teaching monetary macroeconomics in closed and open economiesBofinger, Peter / Mayer, Eric / Wollmershäuser, Timo / Hülsewig, Oliver
2003 Zur Qualität professioneller WechselkursprognosenSchmidt, Robert
2003 Monetary policy under currency board arrangements: An necessary flexibility for transition countries?Berensmann, Kathrin
2003 Monetary and fiscal policy interaction in the Euro area with different assumptions on the Phillips curveBofinger, Peter / Mayer, Eric
2003 Symmetry and asymmetry in property: Commons and anticommonsParisi, Francesco / Schulz, Norbert / Depoorter, Ben
2003 A simulation model for the demographic transition in the OECD: Data requirements, model structure and calibrationFehr, Hans / Halder, Gitte / Jokisch, Sabine / Kotlikoff, Laurence J.
2003 Biases of professional exchange rate forecasts: Psychological explanations and an experimentally based comparison to novicesLeitner, Johannes / Schmidt, Robert / Bofinger, Peter
2003 The BMW model as a static approximation of a foreward-looking New Keynesian macroeconomic modelBofinger, Peter / Mayer, Eric / Wollmershäuser, Timo
2003 Pension Reform and Demographic Uncertainty : The Case of GermanyHabermann, Christian / Fehr, Hans
2002 The EMU after three years: Lessons and challengesBofinger, Peter
2002 The BMW model: simple macroeconomics for closed and open economies a requiem for the IS/LM-AS/AD and the Mundell-Fleming modelBofinger, Peter / Mayer, Eric / Wollmershäuser, Timo
2001 Fragmentation in property: Towards a general modelSchulz, Norbert / Parisi, Francesco / Depoorter, Ben
2001 On the need for an international lender of last resort: Lessons from domestic financial marketsWinkler, Adalbert
2001 The Economics of Crime: Investigating the Drugs-Crime Channel - Empirical Evidence from Panel Data of the German StatesEntorf, Horst / Winker, Peter
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