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W.E.P. - Würzburg Economic Papers, Lst. f. VWL, Geld u. internat. Wirtschaftsbeziehungen, Universität Würzburg

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DateTitle Authors
2015 Income inequality, economic growth, and the effect of redistributionGründler, Klaus / Scheuermeyer, Philipp
2015 Current account dynamics and the housing boom and bust cycle in SpainMaas, Daniel / Mayer, Eric / Rüth, Sebastian
2014 Fraktionale Kointegrationsbeziehungen zwischen Euribor-ZinssätzenDechert, Andreas
2014 Total factor productivity and the propagation of shocks: Empirical evidence and implications for the business cycleMayer, Eric / Rüth, Sebastian / Scharler, Johann
2014 Towards a consumer sentiment channel of monetary policyDebes, Sebastian / Gareis, Johannes / Mayer, Eric / Rüth, Sebastian
2012 Financial market heterogeneity: Implications for the EMUGareis, Johannes / Mayer, Eric
2012 Euler equations and money market interest rates: The role of monetary and risk premium shocksGareis, Johannes / Mayer, Eric
2012 What drives Ireland's housing market? A Bayesian DSGE approachGareis, Johannes / Mayer, Eric
2012 Government debt, inflation dynamics and the transmission of fiscal policy shocksMayer, Eric / Rüth, Sebastian / Scharler, Johann
2011 Teaching macroeconomics after the crisisBofinger, Peter
2010 The road to monetary union in Latin America: An EMS-type fixed exchange rate system as an intermediate stepGarcia Rocabado, Daniel
2010 How bad is globalization for labour standards in the north?Donado, Alejandro / Wälde, Klaus
2010 How trade unions increase welfareDonado, Alejandro / Wälde, Klaus
2010 Competition, innovation, and the effect of knowledge accumulationSteinmetz, Alexander
2010 Price and inventory dynamics in an oligopoly industry: A framework for commodity marketsSteinmetz, Alexander
2009 Conjectural cost variations in a differentiated good oligopolyJurgan, Jens
2008 Countercyclical taxation and price dispersionMayer, Eric / Grimm, Oliver
2008 Foreign exchange interventions in emerging market countries: New lessons from ArgentinaBrause, Alexander
2008 Tactical size rotation in SwitzerlandHock, Thorsten
2007 Review of the Literature on the Impact of Mergers on InnovationSchulz, Norbert
2007 How to get tenured (in Germany, in Economics)Launov, Andrey / Graber, Michael / Wälde, Klaus
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