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W.E.P. - Würzburg Economic Papers, Lst. f. VWL, Geld u. internat. Wirtschaftsbeziehungen, Universität Würzburg

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DateTitle Authors
2016 The lack of a European public sphere in the debate on the European sovereign debt crisisOtto, Kim / Köhler, Andreas
2015 Income inequality, economic growth, and the effect of redistributionGründler, Klaus / Scheuermeyer, Philipp
2015 Current account dynamics and the housing boom and bust cycle in SpainMaas, Daniel / Mayer, Eric / Rüth, Sebastian
2014 Fraktionale Kointegrationsbeziehungen zwischen Euribor-ZinssätzenDechert, Andreas
2014 Total factor productivity and the propagation of shocks: Empirical evidence and implications for the business cycleMayer, Eric / Rüth, Sebastian / Scharler, Johann
2014 Towards a consumer sentiment channel of monetary policyDebes, Sebastian / Gareis, Johannes / Mayer, Eric / Rüth, Sebastian
2012 Financial market heterogeneity: Implications for the EMUGareis, Johannes / Mayer, Eric
2012 Euler equations and money market interest rates: The role of monetary and risk premium shocksGareis, Johannes / Mayer, Eric
2012 What drives Ireland's housing market? A Bayesian DSGE approachGareis, Johannes / Mayer, Eric
2012 Government debt, inflation dynamics and the transmission of fiscal policy shocksMayer, Eric / Rüth, Sebastian / Scharler, Johann
2011 Teaching macroeconomics after the crisisBofinger, Peter
2010 The road to monetary union in Latin America: An EMS-type fixed exchange rate system as an intermediate stepGarcia Rocabado, Daniel
2010 How bad is globalization for labour standards in the north?Donado, Alejandro / Wälde, Klaus
2010 How trade unions increase welfareDonado, Alejandro / Wälde, Klaus
2010 Competition, innovation, and the effect of knowledge accumulationSteinmetz, Alexander
2010 Price and inventory dynamics in an oligopoly industry: A framework for commodity marketsSteinmetz, Alexander
2009 Conjectural cost variations in a differentiated good oligopolyJurgan, Jens
2008 Countercyclical taxation and price dispersionMayer, Eric / Grimm, Oliver
2008 Foreign exchange interventions in emerging market countries: New lessons from ArgentinaBrause, Alexander
2008 Tactical size rotation in SwitzerlandHock, Thorsten
2007 Review of the Literature on the Impact of Mergers on InnovationSchulz, Norbert
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