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DateTitle Authors
2005 Dynamics of state price densitiesHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Hlávka, Zdeněk
2005 DSFM fitting of implied volatility surfacesBorak, Szymon / Fengler, Matthias R. / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2005 Towards a monthly business cycle chronology for the euro areaMönch, Emanuel / Uhlig, Harald
2005 Modeling the FIBOR/EURIBOR swap term structure: an empirical approachBlaskowitz, Oliver J. / Herwartz, Helmut / Cadenas Santiago, Gonzalo de
2005 Duality theory for optimal investments under model uncertaintySchied, Alexander / Wu, Ching-Tang
2005 Projection pursuit for exploratory supervised classificationLee, Eun-Kyung / Cook, Dianne / Klinke, Sigbert / Lumley, Thomas
2005 Money demand and macroeconomic stability revisitedSchabert, Andreas / Stoltenberg, Christian
2005 A market basket analysis conducted with a multivariate logit modelBoztuğ, Yasemin / Hildebrandt, Lutz
2005 Uncovered interest rate parity and the expectations hypothesis of the term structure: empirical results for the US and EuropeBrüggemann, Ralf / Lütkepohl, Helmut
2005 Getting used to risks: reference dependence and risk inclusionMatthey, Astrid
2005 Fixed-prize tournaments versus first-price auctions in innovation contestsSchöttner, Anja
2005 New evidence on the puzzles: results from agnostic identification on monetary policy and exchange ratesScholl, Almuth / Uhlig, Harald
2005 Discretisation of stochastic control problems for continuous time dynamics with delayFischer, Markus / Reiß, Markus
2005 What are the effects of fiscal policy shocks?Mountford, Andrew / Uhlig, Harald
2005 Optimal sticky prices under rational inattentionMaćkowiak, Bartosz / Wiederholt, Mirko
2005 Utility duality under additional information: conditional measures versus filtration enlargementsAnkirchner, Stefan
2005 The Shannon information of filtrations and the additional logarithmic utility of insidersAnkirchner, Stefan / Dereich, Steffen / Imkeller, Peter
2005 Does temporary agency work provide a stepping stone to regular employment?Kvasnicka, Michael
2005 Working time as an investment?: The effects of unpaid overtime on wages, promotions and layoffsAnger, Silke
2005 Notes on an endogenous growth model with two capital stocks II: the stochastic caseBethmann, Dirk
2005 Skill mismatch in equilibrium unemploymentBachmann, Ronald
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