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DateTitle Authors
2012 Forecast based pricing of weather derivativesHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / López-Cabrera, Brenda / Ritter, Matthias
2012 Existence and uniqueness of perturbation solutions to DSGE modelsLan, Hong / Meyer-Gohde, Alexander
2012 On the dark side of the market: Identifying and analyzing hidden order placementsHautsch, Nikolaus / Huang, Ruihong
2012 Confidence sets in nonparametric calibration of exponential Lévy modelsSöhl, Jakob
2012 Does Basel II pillar 3 risk exposure data help to identify risky banks?Sabiwalsky, Ralf
2012 Nonparametric adaptive estimation of linear functionals for low frequency observed Lévy processesKappus, Johanna
2012 Fair value reclassifications of financial assets during the financial crisisBischof, Jannis / Brüggemann, Ulf / Daske, Holger
2012 Quantile regression in risk calibrationChao, Shih-Kang / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Wang, Weining
2012 Explaining regional unemployment differences in Germany: A spatial panel data analysisLottmann, Franziska
2012 Computational Statistics (Journal)Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Mori, Yuichi / Symanzik, Jürgen
2012 HMM in dynamic HAC modelsHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Okhrin, Ostap / Wang, Weining
2012 Hidden liquidity: Determinants and impactCebiroğlu, Gökhan / Horst, Ulrich
2012 Comparability effects of mandatory IFRS adoptionCascino, Stefano / Gassen, Joachim
2012 Managerial overconfidence and corporate risk managementAdam, Tim R. / Fernando, Chitru S. / Golubeva, Evgenia
2012 Dynamic activity analysis model based win-win development forecasting under the environmental regulation in ChinaChen, Shiyi / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2012 Implementing quotas in university admissions: An experimental analysisBraun, Sebastian / Dwenger, Nadja / Kübler, Dorothea / Westkamp, Alexander
2012 Assessing the anchoring of inflation expectationsStrohsal, Till / Winkelmann, Lars
2012 Why do firms engage in selective hedging?Adam, Tim R. / Fernando, Chitru S. / Salas, Jesus M.
2012 Is socially responsible investing just screening? Evidence from mutual fundsHirschberger, Markus / Steuer, Ralph E. / Utz, Sebastian / Wimmer, Maximilian
2012 The polarization of employment in German local labor marketsSenftleben, Charlotte / Wielandt, Hanna
2012 A slab in the face: Building quality and neighborhood effectsSchulz, Rainer / Wersing, Martin
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