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DateTitle Authors
2014 An application of principal component analysis on multivariate time-stationary spatio-temporal dataStahlschmidt, Stephan / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Thome, Helmut
2014 Ladislaus von Bortkiewicz: statistician, economist, and a European intellectualHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Vogt, Annette B.
2014 Interacting product and labor market regulation and the impact of immigration on native wagesPrantl, Susanne / Spitz-Oener, Alexandra
2014 Estimation procedures for exchangeable Marshall copulas with hydrological applicationDurante, Fabrizio / Okhrin, Ostap
2014 Unemployment benefits extensions at the zero lower bound on nominal interest rateAlbertini, Julien / Poirier, Arthur
2014 The composition of government spending and the multiplier at the Zero Lower BoundAlbertini, Julien / Poirier, Arthur / Roulleau-Pasdeloup, Jordan
2014 Nonparametric test for a constant beta over a fixed time intervalReiß, Markus / Todorov, Viktor / Tauchen, George
2014 Nonparametric estimates for conditional quantiles of time seriesFranke, Jürgen / Mwita, Peter / Wang, Weining
2014 Product market deregulation and employment outcomes: Evidence from the German retail sectorSenftleben-König, Charlotte
2014 Do maternal health problems influence child's worrying status? Evidence from British cohort studyDai, Xianhua / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Yu, Keming
2014 Modelling spatiotemporal variability of temperatureCao, Xiaofeng / Okhrin, Ostap / Odening, Martin / Ritter, Matthias
2014 Efficient iterative maximum likelihood estimation of high-parameterized time series modelsHautsch, Nikolaus / Okhrin, Ostap / Ristig, Alexander
2014 Confidence bands for impulse responses: Bonferroni versus WaldLütkepohl, Helmut / Staszewska-Bystrova, Anna / Winker, Peter
2014 A simultaneous confidence corridor for varying coefficient regression with sparse functional dataGu, Lijie / Wang, Li / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Yang, Lijian
2014 Functional stable limit theorems for efficient spectral covolatility estimatorsAltmeyer, Randolf / Bibinger, Markus
2014 Structural vector autoregressions: Checking identifying long-run restrictions via heteroskedasticityLütkepohl, Helmut / Velinov, Anton
2014 An extended single index model with missing response at randomWang, Qihua / Zhang, Tao / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2014 A consistent two-factor model for pricing temperature derivativesGroll, Andreas / López-Cabrera, Brenda / Meyer-Brandis, Thilo
2014 Structural vector autoregressive analysis in a data rich environment: A surveyLütkepohl, Helmut
2014 Simultaneous confidence corridors and variable selection for generalized additive modelsZheng, Shuzhuan / Liu, Rong / Yang, Lijian / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2014 Fiscal devaluation in a monetary unionEngler, Philipp / Ganelli, Giovanni / Tervala, Juha / Voigts, Simon
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