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DateTitle Authors
2015 Nonparametric change-point analysis of volatilityBibinger, Markus / Jirak, Moritz / Vetter, Mathias
2015 Estimation of NAIRU with inflation expectation dataCui, Wei / Härdle, Wolfgang K. / Wang, Weining
2015 From galloping inflation to price stability in steps: Israel 1985-2013Melnick, Rafi / Strohsal, Till
2015 Distillation of news flow into analysis of stock reactionsZhang, Junni L. / Härdle, Wolfgang K. / Chen, Cathy Y. / Bommes, Elisabeth
2015 Efficiency of wind power production and its determinantsPieralli, Simone / Ritter, Matthias / Odening, Martin
2015 Stochastic population analysis: A functional data approachFang, Lei / Härdle, Wolfgang K.
2015 Cognitive bubblesBosch-Rosa, Ciril / Meissner, Thomas / Bosch-Domènech, Antoni
2014 Estimation and determinants of Chinese banks' total factor efficiency: A new vsion based on unbalanced development of Chinese banks and their overall riskChen, Shiyi / Härdle, Wolfgang K. / Wang, Li
2014 Are US inflation expectations re-anchored?Nautz, Dieter / Strohsal, Till
2014 TENET: Tail-Event driven NETwork riskHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Sirotko-Sibirskaya, Natalia / Wang, Weining
2014 When the Taylor principle is insufficient: A benchmark for the fiscal theory of the price level in a monetary unionBrede, Maren
2014 Expectile treatment effects: An efficient alternative to compute the distribution of treatment effectsStahlschmidt, Stephan / Eckardt, Matthias / Härdle, Wolfgang K.
2014 Whom are you talking with? An experiment on credibility and communication structureGrandjean, Gilles / Mantovani, Marco / Mauleon, Ana / Vannetelbosch, Vincent
2014 Do tax cuts Increase consumption? An experimental test of Ricardian EquivalenceMeissner, Thomas / Rostam-Afschar, Davud
2014 Why the split of payroll taxation between firms and workers matters for macroeconomic stabilityVoigts, Simon
2014 A theory of price adjustment under loss aversionAhrens, Steffen / Pirschel, Inske / Snower, Dennis J.
2014 Pricing kernel modelingBelomestny, Denis / Ma, Shujie / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2014 The influence of oil price shocks on China's macro-economy: A perspective of international tradeChen, Shiyi / Chen, Dengke / Härdle, Wolfgang K.
2014 The politics of related lendingHalling, Michael / Pichler, Pegaret / Stomper, Alex
2014 Estimating the value of Urban Green Space: A hedonic pricing analysis of the housing market in Cologne, GermanyKolbe, Jens / Wüstemann, Henry
2014 Identifying Berlin's land value map using adaptive weights smoothingKolbe, Jens / Schulz, Rainer / Wersing, Martin / Werwatz, Axel
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