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DateTitle Authors
2003 Regression quantiles with errors-in-variablesIoannides, D. A. / Matzner-Lober, E.
2003 Consistent Testing for Stochastic Dominance under General Sampling SchemesLinton, Oliver / Maasoumi, Esfandiar / Whang, Yoon-Jae
2003 Some Convergence Problems On Heavy Tail Estimation Using Upper Order Statistics For Generalized Pareto and Lognormal DistributionsHernandez-Molinar, Raul / Lefante, John
2003 Modeling the Learning from Repeated Samples: A Generalized Cross Entropy ApproachPapalia, Rosa Bernardini
2003 Asymptotic properties of model selection procedures in linear regressionDroge, Bernd
2003 On Representative TrustBellemare, Charles / Kröger, Sabine
2003 Computational Statistics with Spreadsheets Towards Efficiency, Reproducibility and SecurityAydınlı, Gökhan / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Neuwirth, E.
2003 Fitting the Smile Revisited: A Least Squares Kernel Estimator for the Implied Volatility SurfaceFengler, Matthias R. / Wang, Qihua
2003 On Representative TrustBellemare, Charles / Kröger, Sabine
2003 XploRe Quantlet Client: Web Service for Mathematical and Statistical ComputingLehmann, Heiko
2003 Electronic books for experts and usersHlávka, Zdeněk
2003 A Market Basket Analysis Based on the Multivariate MNL ModelBoztuğ, Yasemin / Hildebrandt, Lutz
2003 E-learning, e-teaching of statistics: A new challengeAydınlı, Gökhan / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Rönz, Bernd
2003 Immobilienbewertung mit dem Realoptionsverfahren: Eine UmsetzungsstudieBrenner, Steffen / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Schulz, Rainer
2003 Adaptive estimation for affine stochastic delay differential equationsReiß, Markus
2003 Transitional Dynamics in the Uzawa-Lucas Model of Endogenous GrowthReiß, Markus / Bethmann, Dirk
2003 Euler-Maruyama and Milstein approximations for stochastic functional differential equations with distributed memory termBuckwar, Evelyn
2003 Nonparametric Methods in Continuous-Time Finance: A Selective ReviewCai, Zongwu / Hong, Yongmiao
2003 Wann sind falsche VaR-Modelle dennoch adäquat?Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Hlávka, Zdeněk / Stahl, G.
2003 Inflation Expectations in the EU: Results from Survey DataNielsen, Hannah
2003 On integrals with respect to Levy processesKüchler, Uwe
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