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DateTitle Authors
1997 Analyzing bivariate continuous data that have been grouped into categories defined by sample quantiles of the marginal distributionsBorkowf, Craig B. / Gail, Mitchell H. / Carroll, Raymond J. / Gill, Richard D.
1997 Bootstrap approximations in a partially linear regression modelHärdle, Wolfgang / Liang, Hua / Sommerfeld, Volker
1997 Estimation of derivates for additive separable modelsSeverance-Lossin, E. / Sperlich, Stefan
1997 A nonparametric analysis of regional unemployment dynamics in BritainBianchi, Marco / Zoega, Gylfi
1997 Computer-assisted generalized partial linear modelsMüller, Marlene
1997 Twin peaks in regional unemployment and returns to scale in job-matching in the Czech RepublicProfit, Stefan
1997 Wie brauchbar sind Multiplikatorprognosen für die Geldmengensteuerung der Bundesbank?Nautz, Dieter
1997 Nonparametric estimation via local estimating equations, with applications to nutrition calibrationCarroll, Raymond J. / Ruppert, David / Welsh, A. H.
1997 A money demand system for M3 in the unified GermanyLütkepohl, Helmut / Wolters, Jürgen
1997 Quantile regression estimates for a class of linear and partially linear errors-in-variables modelsHe, Xuming / Liang, Hua
1997 Nonparametric lag selection for time seriesTschernig, Rolf / Yang, Lijian
1997 Asymptotic inference for a linear stochastic differential equation with time delayGushchin, Alexander A. / Kuchler, Uwe
1997 Möglichkeiten und Ansätze der Analyse dreimodaler Daten für die MarktforschungHildebrandt, Lutz / Klapper, Daniel
1997 Order selection in testing for the cointegrating rank of a VAR processLütkepohl, Helmut / Saikkonen, Pentti
1997 Component analysis for additive modelsHärdle, Wolfgang / Sperlich, Stefan / Spokoiny, Vladimir G.
1997 Teaching wavelets in XploReKlinke, Sigbert / Golubev, Yuri / Härdle, Wolfgang / Neumann, Michael H.
1997 Efficient estimation in single-index regressionDelecroix, Michel / Härdle, Wolfgang / Hristache, Marian
1997 Kursrelevante Ereignisse bei Unternehmensübernahmen: Eine empirische Analyse des deutschen KapitalmarktesBöhmer, Ekkehart / Löffler, Yvonne
1997 The term structure of interest rates when the growth rate is unobservableRiedel, Frank
1997 A class of Health-Jarrow-Morton models in which the unbiased expectations hypothesis holdsRiedel, Frank
1997 Using private job agencies: Optimal screening or cream skimming?Kübler, Dorothea
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