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DateTitle Authors
1997 Analyzing bivariate continuous data that have been grouped into categories defined by sample quantiles of the marginal distributionsBorkowf, Craig B. / Gail, Mitchell H. / Carroll, Raymond J. / Gill, Richard D.
1997 Multivariate plug-in bandwidth for local linear regressionYang, Lijian / Tschernig, Rolf
1997 On adaptive estimation in partial linear modelsGolubev, Georgi / Härdle, Wolfgang
1997 The efficiency of bias-corrected estimators for nonparametric kernel estimation based on local estimating equationsKauermann, Göran / Müller, Marlene / Carroll, Raymond J.
1997 Measurement error, biases, and the validation of complex modelsCarroll, Raymond J. / Galindo, Christian D.
1997 Indeterminacy, business cycles, and modest increasing returns to scaleWeder, Mark
1997 Industrielle und berufliche Mobilität: Eine Untersuchung auf Basis der IAB-BeschäftigtenstichprobeMertens, Antje
1997 Local power of likelihood ratio tests for the cointegrating rank of a VAR processSaikkonen, Pentti / Lütkepohl, Helmut
1997 Problems related to bootstrapping impulse responses of autoregressive processesBenkwitz, Alexander / Lütkepohl, Helmut / Neumann, Michael H.
1997 Berechnung des REXP für alternative SteuersätzeMaier, Jürgen / Stehle, Richard
1997 Mean-variance hedging for continuous processes: New proofs and examplesPham, Huyên / Rheinländer, Thorsten / Schweizer, Martin
1997 Trust in the shadow of the courts if judges are no betterBrennan, Geoffrey / Güth, Werner / Kliemt, Hartmut
1997 Estimating covariance matrices using estimating functions in nonparametric and semiparametric regressionCarroll, Raymond J. / Iturria, Stephen J. / Gutierrez, Roberto G.
1997 Large sample theory in a semiparametric partially linear errors-in-variables modelsLiang, Hua / Härdle, Wolfgang / Carroll, Raymond J.
1997 SMART: Towards spatial internet marketplacesAbel, David J. / Gaede, Volker / Taylor, Kerry L. / Zhou, Xiaofang
1997 Asymptotic normality of parametric part in partial linear heteroscedastic regression modelsLiang, Hua / Härdle, Wolfgang
1997 Das Arbeitsangebot verheirateter Frauen in den neuen und alten Bundesländern: Eine semiparametrische RegressionsanalyseKempe, Wolfram
1997 Asymptotic properties of the nonparametric part in partial linear heteroscedastic regression modelsLiang, Hua / Härdle, Wolfgang / Werwatz, Axel
1997 Strong approximation of density estimators from weakly dependent observations by density estimators from independent observationsNeumann, Michael H.
1997 Asymptotic optimality of full cross-validation for selecting linear regression modelsDroge, Bernd
1997 Risikomessung mit VaR für Portfolios: Diskussion und empirischer Vergleich verschiedener BerechnungsmethodenBöhmer, Ekkehart / Sperlich, Stefan
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