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DateTitle Authors
2003 Implied volatility string dynamicsFengler, Matthias R. / Härdle, Wolfgang / Mammen, Enno
2003 Distribution-Invariant Dynamic Risk MeasuresWeber, Stefan
2003 On L2-stability of solutions of linear stochastic delay differential equationsGilsing, Hagen
2003 A Heliocentric Journey into Germany´s Great DepressionWeder, Mark
2003 Taylor Rules and Macroeconomic Instability or How the Central Bank Can Pre-empt Sunspot ExpectationsWeder, Mark
2003 Stock Performance around Share Repurchase Announcements in GermanyStehle, Richard / Seifert, Udo
2003 A Note on Optimal Stopping in Models with DelayGapeev, Pavel V. / Reiß, M.
2003 American Options, Multi-armed Bandits, and Optimal Consumption Plans : A Unifying ViewBank, Peter / Föllmer, Hans
2003 On Large Deviations in Testing Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Type Models with DelayKüchler, Uwe / Gapeev, Pavel V.
2003 On Markovian Short Rates in Term Structure Models Driven by Jump-Diffusion ProcessesGapeev, Pavel V. / Küchler, Uwe
2003 Inside The Black Box of Temporary Help AgenciesKvasnicka, Michael
2003 Unpaid overtime in Germany : differences between East and WestAnger, Silke
2003 Sticky Information vs. Sticky Prices : A Horse Race in a DSGE FrameworkTrabandt, Mathias
2003 Uncovered Interest Rate Parity and Analysis of Monetary Convergence of Potential EMU Accession CountriesHoltemöller, Oliver
2003 Nonparametric and Semiparametric Estimation of Additive Models with both Discrete and Continuous Variables under DependenceCamlong-Viot, Christine / Rodríguez-Póo, Juan M. / Vieu, Philippe
2003 Asymptotic theory for M-estimators of boundariesKnight, Keith
2003 About sense and nonsense of non- and semiparametric analysis in applied econometricsSperlich, Stefan
2003 MD*Book and XQC/XQS - an Architecture for Reproducible ResearchKlinke, Sigbert / Lehmann, Heiko
2003 Confidence Intervals for State Price DensitiesHlávka, Zdeněk
2003 How to Improve the Performances of DEA/FDH Estimators in the Presence of Noise?Simar, Léopold
2003 Regression quantiles with errors-in-variablesIoannides, D. A. / Matzner-Lober, E.
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