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DateTitle Authors
2009 The role of the intellectual property rights regime for foreign investors in post-socialist economiesSchnellbächer, Benedikt / Stephan, Johannes
2009 Political institutionalisation and economic specialisation in polycentric metropolitan regions: The case of the East-German 'Saxony Triangle'Franz, Peter / Hornych, Christoph
2009 Subsidized vocational training: Stepping stone or trap? ; an evaluation study for East GermanyDettmann, Eva / Günther, Jutta
2009 Human capital and fertility in Germany after 1990: Evidence from a multi-spell modelSunder, Marco
2009 Urban growth in Germany: The impact of localization and urbanization economiesIlly, Annette / Hornych, Christoph / Schwartz, Michael / Rosenfeld, Martin T. W.
2009 A Panel Data Analysis on China's Intra-Industry Trade in the Capital Goods SectorZhu, Yiping
2009 Monopolistic competition and costs in the health care sectorKumpmann, Ingmar
2009 Will there be a shortage of skilled labor? An East German perspective to 2015Buscher, Herbert S. / Dettmann, Eva / Sunder, Marco / Trocka, Dirk
2009 Is East Germany catching up? A time series perspectiveAumann, Bernd / Scheufele, Rolf
2009 The economic optimality of sanction mechanisms in interorganizational ego networks: A game theoretical analysisKudic, Muhamed / Banaszak, Marc
2009 Inflation expectations: Does the arket beat professional forecasts?El-Shagi, Makram
2009 What happened to the East German housing market? A historical perspective on the role of public fundingMichelsen, Claus / Weiß, Dominik
2010 Armut im Alter: Ursachenanalyse und eine Projektion für das Jahr 2023Kumpmann, Ingmar / Gühne, Michael / Buscher, Herbert S.
2010 A first look on the new halle economic projection modelGiesen, Sebastian / Holtemöller, Oliver / Scharff, Juliane / Scheufele, Rolf
2010 A control group study of incubators' impact to promote firm survivalSchwartz, Michael
2010 The extreme risk problem for monetary policies of the Euro-candidatesGabrisch, Hubert / Orlowski, Lucjan T.
2010 Should we trust in leading indicators? Evidence from the recent recessionDrechsel, Katja / Scheufele, Rolf
2010 What determines the innovative success of subsidized collaborative R&D projects? Project-level evidence from GermanySchwartz, Michael / Peglow, Francois / Fritsch, Michael / Günther, Jutta
2010 Did the crisis affect potential output?El-Shagi, Makram
2010 Knowledge spillovers as a central element in theories about knowledge-based regional development: Advancement in theory and obstacles for empirical researchFranz, Peter
2010 Is there a superior distance function for matching in small samples?Dettmann, Eva / Becker, Claudia / Schmeißer, Christian
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