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2016 Executive compensation, macroeconomic conditions, and cash flow cyclicalityColonnello, Stefano
2016 My credit but your problem: the real effects of credit risk tradingColonnello, Stefano; Efing, Matthias; Zucchi, Francesca
2016 Multidimensional well-being and regional disparities in EuropeDöpke, Jörg; Knabe, Andreas; Lang, Cornelia; Maschke, Philip
2016 Structural reforms in banking: The role of tradingKrahnen, Jan-Pieter; Noth, Felix; Schüwer, Ulrich
2016 Financial literacy and self-employmentĆumurović, Aida; Hyll, Walter
2016 Asymmetric investment responses to firm-specific uncertaintyBuchholz, Manuel; Tonzer, Lena; Berner, Julian
2016 Social comparisons and attitudes towards foreigners: Evidence from the 'fall of the iron curtain'Hyll, Walter; Schneider, Lutz
2016 What is the value of the court system for firms?Colonnello, Stefano; Herpfer, Christoph
2016 A market-based indicator of currency risk: Evidence from American depositary receiptsEichler, Stefan; Roevekamp, Ingmar
2016 Size of training firms and cumulated long-run unemployment exposure: The role of firms, luck, and ability in young workers' careersMüller, Steffen; Neubäumer, Renate
2016 College choice and the selection of mechanisms: A structural empirical analysisCarvalho, José-Raimundo; Magnac, Thierry; Xiong, Qizhou
2016 To separate or not to separate investment from commercial banking? An empirical analysis of attention distortion under multiple tasksGropp, Reint E.; Park, Kyounghoon
2016 Paternal unemployment during childhood: Causal effects on youth worklessness and educational attainmentMüller, Steffen; Riphahn, Regina T.; Schwientek, Caroline
2015 Do manufacturing firms benefit from services FDI? Evidence from six new EU member statesDamijan, Jože; Kostevc, Črt; Marek, Philipp; Rojec, Matija
2015 The joint dynamics of sovereign ratings and government bond yieldsEl-Shagi, Makram; von Schweinitz, Gregor
2014 Is subsidizing companies in difficulties an optimal policy? An empirical study on the effectiveness of state aid in the European UnionNulsch, Nicole
2014 Do we need new modelling approaches in macroeconomics?Buch, Claudia M.; Holtemöller, Oliver
2013 Towards deeper financial integration in Europe: What the banking union can contributeBuch, Claudia M.; Körner, Tobias; Weigert, Benjamin
2013 Granularity in banking and growth: Does financial openness matter?Bremus, Franziska; Buch, Claudia M.
2013 Cooperation events, ego-network characteristics and firm innovativeness: Empirical evidence from the German laser industryKudic, Muhamed; Guhr, Katja
Collection's Items (Sorted by Year of Publication in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 226
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