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DateTitle Authors
2010 Is there a superior distance function for matching in small samples?Dettmann, Eva / Becker, Claudia / Schmeißer, Christian
2010 Stochastic income statement planning and emissions tradingDannenberg, Henry / Ehrenfeld, Wilfried
2010 Money and inflation: The role of persistent velocity movementsEl-Shagi, Makram / Giesen, Sebastian
2010 An evolutionary algorithm for the estimation of threshold Vector error correction modelsEl-Shagi, Makram
2010 The emergence of wage coordination in the Central Western European metal sector and its relationship to European economic policyGlassner, Vera / Pusch, Toralf
2010 International trade patterns and labor markets: An empirical analysis for EU member statesZeddies, Götz
2010 The identification of industrial clusters: Methodical aspects in a multidimensional framework for cluster identificationTitze, Mirko / Brachert, Matthias / Kubis, Alexander
2010 Analyzing innovation drivers in the German laser industry: The role of positioning in the social and geographical spaceKudic, Muhamed / Bönisch, Peter / Dominguez Lacasa, Iciar
2010 Sharing competences: The impact of local institutional settings on voter turnoutMichelsen, Claus / Bönisch, Peter / Rosenfeld, Martin T. W.
2010 Has the Euro increased international price elasticities?Holtemöller, Oliver / Zeddies, Götz
2010 Selektivität, soziale Bindung und räumliche Mobilität: Eine Analyse der Rückkehrpräferenz für OstdeutschlandSchneider, Lutz / Kubis, Alexander / Wiest, Delia
2010 Why are East Germans not more mobile? Analyzing the impact of social ties on regional migrationBönisch, Peter / Schneider, Lutz
2010 Governmental learning as a determinant of economic growthGruésevaja, Marina
2010 Determinanten der Vernetzung von Unternehmen der deutschen Photovoltaik-IndustrieHornych, Christoph / Brachert, Matthias
2010 State aid in the enlarged European Union: An overviewHölscher, Jens / Nulsch, Nicole / Stephan, Johannes
2010 Regional entrepreneurial opportunities in the biotech industry: Exploring the transition from award-winning nascent entrepreneurs to real start-upsWolf, Harald / Michelsen, Claus / Schwartz, Michael
2010 Testing for structural breaks at unknown time: A steeplechaseEl-Shagi, Makram / Giesen, Sebastian
2010 Transport costs and the size distribution of a linearly arranged system of citiesKauffmann, Albrecht
2011 Factor content of intra-European trade flowsZeddies, Götz
2011 Fiscal spending multiplier calculations based on input-output tables - with an application to EU mmbersPusch, Toralf / Rannenberg, Ansgar
2011 The financial crisis from a forecaster's perspectiveDrechsel, Katja / Scheufele, Rolf
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