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DateTitle Authors
2015 The importance of Mittelstand firms for regional apprenticeship activity: Lessons for policyJahn, Vera
2015 Rechts? Links? Liberal? Egal? Gründe für die Entstehung verzerrter Medieninhalte und Methoden zur Messung des BiasIm Winkel, Niklas
16-Oct-2014 Determinants of House Price Dynamics. What Can We Learn From Search Engine Data?Bennöhr, Lars / Oestmann, Marco
2014 Determinants of in-court settlements: Empirical evidence from a German trial courtBerlemann, Michael / Christmann, Robin
2014 Do judges react to the probability of appellate review? Empirical evidence from trial court proceduresBerlemann, Michael / Christmann, Robin
2014 Public debt and borrowing: Are governments disciplined by financial markets?Afflatet, Nicolas
2014 Abgrenzung zweiseitiger Märkte am Beispiel von InternetsuchmaschinenDewenter, Ralf / Rösch, Jürgen / Terschüren, Anna
2014 The effects of elite sports on later job successDewenter, Ralf / Giessing, Leonie
2014 Net neutrality and the incentives (not) to exclude competitorsDewenter, Ralf / Rösch, Jürgen
2014 Dynamiken in asymmetrischen Konflikten: Eine SimulationsstudieBeckmann, Klaus B. / Reimer, Lennart
2014 Applying 'Benford's law' to the crosswise model: Findings from an online survey on tax evasionKundt, Thorben
2014 Governance, firm size and innovative capacity: Regional empirical evidence for GermanyBerlemann, Michael / Jahn, Vera
2014 On optimal tax differences between heterogeneous groupsBeckmann, Klaus / Franz, Nele E. / Schneider, Andrea
2014 Institutions, experiences and inflation aversionBerlemann, Michael / Enkelmann, Sören
2014 Intensive labour supply: A menu choice revealed preference approach for German females and malesBeckmann, Klaus / Franz, Nele E. / Schneider, Andrea
2014 Unions and income inequality: A heterogeneous panel cointegration and causality analysisHerzer, Dierk
2014 Media bias and advertising: Evidence from a German car magazineDewenter, Ralf / Heimeshoff, Ulrich
2014 Tax evasion and cognitive dissonanceBeckmann, Klaus / Gattke, Susan
2014 Income inequality and health: Evidence from developed and developing countriesHerzer, Dierk / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2014 Dynamics of military conflict: An economics perspectiveBeckmann, Klaus / Reimer, Lennart
2014 Do expert reviews really drive demand? Evidence from a German car magazineDewenter, Ralf / Heimeshoff, Ulrich
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