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DateTitle Authors
1997 Performance and market share: Evidence from the German mutual fund industryKrahnen, Jan Pieter / Schmid, Frank A. / Theissen, Erik
1997 Messung individueller RisikoeinstellungenKrahnen, Jan Pieter / Rieck, Christian / Theissen, Erik
1997 Value-at-Risk-Limitstrukturen zur Steuerung und Begrenzung von Marktrisiken im AktienbereichBeeck, Helmut / Johanning, Lutz / Rudolph, Bernd
1998 Derivatives usage in risk management by U.S. and German non-financial firms: A comparative surveyBodnar, Gordon M. / Gebhardt, Günther
1998 Inflation and unemployment revisited: Grease vs. sandGroshen, Erica L. / Schweitzer, Mark E.
1998 Determinants of bank lending performanceEwert, Ralf / Schenk, Gerald
1998 Credit information in universal banking: A clinical studyBurghof, Hans-Peter / Henschel, Claudia
1998 Empirical analysis of credit relationships in small firms financing: Sampling design and descriptive statisticsElsas, Ralf / Henke, Sabine / Machauer, Achim / Rott, Roland / Schenk, Gerald
1998 Inflation targeting as a monetary policy ruleSvensson, Lars E. O.
1998 When an event is not an event: The curious case of an emerging marketBhattacharya, Utpal / Daouk, Hazem / Jorgenson, Brian / Kehr, Carl-Heinrich
1998 EMU and capital markets: The institutional frameworkGros, Daniel
1998 Is relationship lending special? Evidence from credit-file data in GermanyElsas, Ralf / Krahnen, Jan Pieter
1998 Where do we stand in the theory of finance? A selective overview with reference to Erich GutenbergKrahnen, Jan Pieter
1998 Why EMU is irrelevant for the German economyPosen, Adam
1998 Credit unions and the common bondEmmons, William R. / Schmid, Frank A.
1998 Credit securitization and credit derivatives: Financial instruments and the credit risk management of middle market commercial loan portfoliosHenke, Sabine / Burghof, Hans-Peter / Rudolph, Bernd
1998 Bank behavior based on internal credit ratings of borrowersMachauer, Achim / Weber, Martin
1999 Die Betreuer am Neuen Markt: eine empirische AnalyseGerke, Wolfgang / Bosch, Robert
1999 Financial contagion: Spillovers through banking centersVan Rijckeghem, Caroline / Weder, Beatrice
1999 Improving market-based forecasts of short-term interest rates: Time-varying stationarity and the predictive content of switching regime-expectationsAhrens, Ralf
1999 Monetary targeting in practice: The German experienceSchmid, Peter
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