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DateTitle Authors
2014 A model of mortgage defaultCampbell, John Y. / Cocco, João F.
2014 The determinants of inflation differentials in the euro areaMoretti, Laura
2014 Efficient iterative maximum likelihood estimation of high-parameterized time series modelsHautsch, Nikolaus / Okhrin, Ostap / Ristig, Alexander
2013 Sovereign bond risk premiumsDockner, Engelbert J. / Mayer, Manuel / Zechner, Josef
2013 Granularity of corporate debtChoi, Jaewon / Hackbarth, Dirk / Zechner, Josef
2013 Market implied costs of bankruptcyReindl, Johann / Stoughton, Neal / Zechner, Josef
2013 Why do retail investors make costly mistakes? An experiment on mutual fund choiceFisch, Jill E. / Wilkinson-Ryan, Tess
2013 Hidden insurance in a moral hazard economyBertola, Giuseppe / Koeniger, Winfried
2013 On the welfare cost of consumption fluctuations in the presence of memorable goodsHai, Rong / Krueger, Dirk / Postlewaite, Andrew
2013 Investor protection through model case procedures: Implementing collective goals and individual rights under the 2012 Amendment of the German Capital Markets Model Case Act (KapMuG)Haar, Brigitte
2013 Do high-frequency financial data help forecast oil prices? The MIDAS touch at workBaumeister, Christiane / Guérin, Pierre / Kilian, Lutz
2013 Copula-based dynamic conditional correlation multiplicative error processesBodnar, Taras / Hautsch, Nikolaus
2013 Financial network systemic risk contributionsHautsch, Nikolaus / Schaumburg, Julia / Schienle, Melanie
2013 The 2011 European short sale ban on financial stocks: A cure or a curse?Félix, Luiz / Kräussl, Roman / Stork, Philip
2013 Forecasting the real price of oil in a changing world: A forecast combination approachBaumeister, Christiane / Kilian, Lutz
2013 Exchange trading rules, surveillance and insider tradingAitken, Michael / Cumming, Douglas / Zhan, Feng
2013 Investment in financial literacy, social security and portfolio choiceJappelli, Tullio / Padula, Mario
2013 Are product spreads useful for forecasting? An empirical evaluation of the Verleger hypothesisBaumeister, Christiane / Kilian, Lutz
2013 Does it pay to invest in art? A selection-corrected returns perspectiveKorteweg, Arthur / Kräussl, Roman / Verwijmeren, Patrick
2013 Manipulating reliance on intuition reduces risk and ambiguity aversionButler, Jeffrey V. / Guiso, Luigi / Jappelli, Tullio
2013 Do oil price increases cause higher food prices?Baumeister, Christiane / Kilian, Lutz
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