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DateTitle Authors
2014 Marginalized predictive likelihood comparisons of linear Gaussian state-space models with applications to DSGE, DSGEVAR, and VAR modelsWarne, Anders / Coenen, Günter / Christoffel, Kai
2014 Incentive schemes, private information and the double-edged role of competition for agentsBannier, Christina E. / Feess, Eberhard / Packham, Natalie
2014 In lands of foreign currency credit, bank lending channels run through? The effects of monetary policy at home and abroad on the currency denomination of the supply of creditOngena, Steven / Schindele, Ibolya / Vonnák, Dzsamila
2014 Performance-sensitive debt: The intertwined effects of performance measurement and pricing grid asymmetryBannier, Christina E. / Wiemann, Markus
2014 Estimating the spot covariation of asset prices: Statistical theory and empirical evidenceBibinger, Markus / Hautsch, Nikolaus / Malec, Peter / Reiss, Markus
2014 Consumption-based asset pricing with rare disaster riskGrammig, Joachim / Sönksen, Jantje
2014 Give me strong moments and time: Combining GMM and SMM to estimate long-run risk asset pricing modelsGrammig, Joachim / Schaub, Eva-Maria
2014 High marginal tax rates on the top 1%?Kindermann, Fabian / Krueger, Dirk
2014 Relaxing credit constraints in emerging economies: The impact of public loans on the performance of Brazilian manufacturersOttaviano, Gianmarco I. P. / Lage de Sousa, Filipe
2014 European integration and the gains from tradeOttaviano, Gianmarco I. P.
2014 Order exposure and liquidity coordination: Does hidden liquidity harm price efficiency?Cebiroglu, Gökhan / Hautsch, Nikolaus / Horst, Ulrich
2014 A general approach to recovering market expectations from futures prices with an application to crude oilBaumeister, Christiane / Kilian, Lutz
2014 The costs and benefits of leaving the EUOttaviano, Gianmarco / Pessoa, João Paulo / Sampson, Thomas / Van Reenen, John
2014 Wealth shocks, unemployment shocks and consumption in the wake of the Great RecessionChristelis, Dimitris / Georgarakos, Dimitris / Jappelli, Tullio
2014 Systemic risk spillovers in the European banking and sovereign networkBetz, Frank / Hautsch, Nikolaus / Peltonen, Tuomas A. / Schienle, Melanie
2014 The benefits of panel data in consumer expenditure surveysCarroll, Christopher D. / Parker, Jonathan A. / Souleles, Nicholas S.
2014 Representing consumption and saving without a representative consumerCarroll, Christopher D.
2014 Everything you always wanted to know about systemic importance (but were afraid to ask)Alessandri, Piergiorgio / Masciantonio, Sergio / Zaghini, Andrea
2014 Credit default swaps and corporate cash holdingsSubrahmanyam, Marti G. / Tang, Dragon Yongjun / Wang, Sarah Qian
2014 To disclose or not to disclose: Transparency and liquidity in the structured product marketFriewald, Nils / Jankowitsch, Rainer / Subrahmanyam, Marti G.
2014 Paying for risk: Bankers, compensation, and competitionSepe, Simone M. / Whitehead, Charles K.
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