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DateTitle Authors
2014 Impulse response matching estimators for DSGE modelsGuerron-Quintana, Pablo / Inoue, Atsushi / Kilian, Lutz
2014 Money is more than memoryBigoni, Maria / Camera, Gabriele / Casari, Marco
2014 Human capital and optimal redistributionKoeniger, Winfried / Prat, Julien
2014 Art as an alternative asset class: Risk and return characteristics of the Middle Eastern & Northern African art marketsKräussl, Roman
2014 Emotions-at-risk: An experimental investigation into emotions, option prices and risk perceptionBosman, Ronald / Kräussl, Roman / van Galen, Thomas
2014 Is there a bubble in the art market?Kräussl, Roman / Lehnert, Thorsten / Martelin, Nicolas
2014 News media sentiment and investor behaviorKräussl, Roman / Mirgorodskaya, Elizaveta
2014 The impact of health insurance on stockholding: A regression discontinuity approachChristelis, Dimitris / Georgarakos, Dimitris / Sanz-de-Galdeano, Anna
2014 The broken buck stops here: Embracing sponsor support in money market fund reformFisch, Jill E.
2014 Fitting parsimonious household- portfolio models to dataHubar, Sylwia / Koulovatianos, Christos / Li, Jian
2014 How does tax progressivity and household heterogeneity affect Laffer curves?Holter, Hans A. / Krueger, Dirk / Stepanchuk, Serhiy
2014 Lessons from the European financial crisisPagano, Marco
2014 A note on uniqueness in game-theoretic foundations of the reactive equilibriumMimra, Wanda / Wambach, Achim
2014 Financial disclosure and market transparency with costly information processingDi Maggio, Marco / Pagano, Marco
2014 Do demographics prevent consumer aggregates from reflecting micro-level preferences?Koulovatianos, Christos / Schröder, Carsten / Schmidt, Ulrich
2014 The return to college: Selection and dropout riskHendricks, Lutz / Leukhina, Oksana
2014 Dealing with financial crises: How much help from research?Pagano, Marco
2014 Advertising arbitrageKovbasyuk, Sergei / Pagano, Marco
2014 Marginalized predictive likelihood comparisons of linear Gaussian state-space models with applications to DSGE, DSGEVAR, and VAR modelsWarne, Anders / Coenen, Günter / Christoffel, Kai
2014 Incentive schemes, private information and the double-edged role of competition for agentsBannier, Christina E. / Feess, Eberhard / Packham, Natalie
2014 In lands of foreign currency credit, bank lending channels run through? The effects of monetary policy at home and abroad on the currency denomination of the supply of creditOngena, Steven / Schindele, Ibolya / Vonnák, Dzsamila
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