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DateTitle Authors
2014 The benefits of panel data in consumer expenditure surveysCarroll, Christopher D. / Parker, Jonathan A. / Souleles, Nicholas S.
2014 Representing consumption and saving without a representative consumerCarroll, Christopher D.
2014 Everything you always wanted to know about systemic importance (but were afraid to ask)Alessandri, Piergiorgio / Masciantonio, Sergio / Zaghini, Andrea
2014 Credit default swaps and corporate cash holdingsSubrahmanyam, Marti G. / Tang, Dragon Yongjun / Wang, Sarah Qian
2014 To disclose or not to disclose: Transparency and liquidity in the structured product marketFriewald, Nils / Jankowitsch, Rainer / Subrahmanyam, Marti G.
2014 Paying for risk: Bankers, compensation, and competitionSepe, Simone M. / Whitehead, Charles K.
2014 The role of oil price shocks in causing U.S. recessionsKilian, Lutz / Vigfusson, Robert J.
2014 Trust, trustworthiness and selection into the financial industryGill, Andrej / Heinz, Matthias / Schumacher, Heiner
2014 Monetary policy, long real yields and the financial crisisMoretti, Laura
2014 The role of bank lending tightening on corporate bond issuance in the eurozoneKaya, Orcun / Wang, Lulu
2014 Bank bonds: Size, systemic relevance and the sovereignZaghini, Andrea
2014 Who are the value and growth investors?Betermier, Sebastien / Calvet, Laurent E. / Sodini, Paolo
2014 On the economics of crisis contractsAptus, Elias / Britz, Volker / Gersbach, Hans
2014 A model of mortgage defaultCampbell, John Y. / Cocco, João F.
2014 The determinants of inflation differentials in the euro areaMoretti, Laura
2014 Efficient iterative maximum likelihood estimation of high-parameterized time series modelsHautsch, Nikolaus / Okhrin, Ostap / Ristig, Alexander
2013 Sovereign bond risk premiumsDockner, Engelbert J. / Mayer, Manuel / Zechner, Josef
2013 Granularity of corporate debtChoi, Jaewon / Hackbarth, Dirk / Zechner, Josef
2013 Market implied costs of bankruptcyReindl, Johann / Stoughton, Neal / Zechner, Josef
2013 Why do retail investors make costly mistakes? An experiment on mutual fund choiceFisch, Jill E. / Wilkinson-Ryan, Tess
2013 Hidden insurance in a moral hazard economyBertola, Giuseppe / Koeniger, Winfried
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