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DateTitle Authors
2015 Anticipation, tax avoidance, and the price elasticity of gasoline demandCoglianese, John / Davis, Lucas W. / Kilian, Lutz / Stock, James H.
2015 Understanding the decline in the price of oil since June 2014Baumeister, Christiane / Kilian, Lutz
2015 How risky is college investment?Hendricks, Lutz / Leukhina, Oksana
2015 Inside the crystal ball: New approaches to predicting the gasoline price at the pumpBaumeister, Christiane / Kilian, Lutz / Lee, Thomas K.
2014 The impact of the shale oil revolution on U.S. oil and gasoline pricesKilian, Lutz
2014 Impulse response matching estimators for DSGE modelsGuerron-Quintana, Pablo / Inoue, Atsushi / Kilian, Lutz
2014 Money is more than memoryBigoni, Maria / Camera, Gabriele / Casari, Marco
2014 Human capital and optimal redistributionKoeniger, Winfried / Prat, Julien
2014 Art as an alternative asset class: Risk and return characteristics of the Middle Eastern & Northern African art marketsKräussl, Roman
2014 Emotions-at-risk: An experimental investigation into emotions, option prices and risk perceptionBosman, Ronald / Kräussl, Roman / van Galen, Thomas
2014 Is there a bubble in the art market?Kräussl, Roman / Lehnert, Thorsten / Martelin, Nicolas
2014 News media sentiment and investor behaviorKräussl, Roman / Mirgorodskaya, Elizaveta
2014 The impact of health insurance on stockholding: A regression discontinuity approachChristelis, Dimitris / Georgarakos, Dimitris / Sanz-de-Galdeano, Anna
2014 The broken buck stops here: Embracing sponsor support in money market fund reformFisch, Jill E.
2014 Fitting parsimonious household- portfolio models to dataHubar, Sylwia / Koulovatianos, Christos / Li, Jian
2014 How does tax progressivity and household heterogeneity affect Laffer curves?Holter, Hans A. / Krueger, Dirk / Stepanchuk, Serhiy
2014 Lessons from the European financial crisisPagano, Marco
2014 A note on uniqueness in game-theoretic foundations of the reactive equilibriumMimra, Wanda / Wambach, Achim
2014 Financial disclosure and market transparency with costly information processingDi Maggio, Marco / Pagano, Marco
2014 Do demographics prevent consumer aggregates from reflecting micro-level preferences?Koulovatianos, Christos / Schröder, Carsten / Schmidt, Ulrich
2014 The return to college: Selection and dropout riskHendricks, Lutz / Leukhina, Oksana
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