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DateTitle Authors
2003 Der Stabilitäts- und Wachstumspakt im Zielkonflikt zwischen fiskalischer Flexibilität und Glaubwürdigkeit: Ein Reformansatz unter Berücksichtigung konstitutionen- und institutionenökonomischer AspekteOhr, Renate / Schmidt, André
2004 Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interactions in the Euro AreaCarlberg, Michael
2004 Specialization on a Technologically Stagnant Sector Need Not Be Bad for GrowthFelbermayr, Gabriel J.
2004 On the Endogenous Allocation of Decision Powers in Federal StructuresLorz, Jens Oliver / Willmann, Gerald
2004 Foreign Direct Investment, Technology Transfer, and Productivity Growth in Transition Countries Empirical Evidence from Panel DataTorlak, Elvisa
2004 Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interaction in the Euro Area with different assumptions on the Phillips curveBofinger, Peter / Mayer, Eric
2004 Labour Demand and Exchange Rate VolatilityBroll, Udo / Hansen, Sabine
2004 Employment- and Growth Effects of Tax ReformsBirk, Angela / Michaelis, Jochen
2004 MERCOSUR-European Union Trade: How important is EU Trade Liberalisation for MERCOSUR's Exports?Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada / Nowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas
2004 Industrial Agglomeration and Economic DevelopmentHafner, Kurt A.
2004 Geistige Eigentumsrechte im Welthandel: Stellt das TRIPs-Abkommen ein Protektionsinstrument der Industrieländer dar?Stremmel, Dennis
2004 Globalisation, inequality and redistributionBjorvatn, Kjetil / Cappelen, Alexander W.
2004 Cross-Border Mergers as Instruments of Comparative AdvantageNeary, J. Peter
2004 Inflationsdifferenzen im Euroraum: Eine BestandsaufnahmeMichaelis, Jochen / Minich, Heike
2004 On the Credibility of Currency BoardsFeuerstein, Switgard / Grimm, Oliver
2004 Market entry and foreign direct investmentStähler, Frank
2005 The Incentive Effect of Fiscal Equalization Transfers on Tax PolicyBüttner, Thiess
2005 Heterogenity in the Intergenerational Transmission of Educational Attainment: Evidence from Switzerland on Natives and SecondBauer, Philipp C. / Riphahn, Regina T.
2005 The Impact of the Multifiber Agreement Phaseout on Unemployment in Tunisia: A Prospective Dynamic AnalysisMarouani, Mohamed A.
2005 Why do bigger countries have more problems with the Stability and Growth Pact?Herzog, Bodo
2005 International Monetary Policy CoordinationCarlberg, Michael
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