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DateTitle Authors
2005 International Trade, Flexible Manufacturing and OutsourcingEckel, Carsten
2005 Gravity for FDIKleinert, Jörn / Toubal, Farid
2005 Explaining the Trend and the Diversity in the Evolution of the Stock MarketBose, Niloy / Neumann, Rebecca
2005 Skills, social mobility, and the support for the welfare stateRincke, Johannes / Schwager, Robert
2005 A new measure of the standard of living based on functioningsGaertner, Wulf / Xu, Yongsheng
2006 Mass migration and seasonality: Evidence on Moldova's labour exodusGörlich, Dennis / Trebesch, Christoph
2006 Is distance a good proxy for transport costs? The case of competing transport modesMartínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada / Nowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas
2006 Peer effects, social multipliers and migrants at school: An international comparisonEntorf, Horst / Lauk, Martina
2006 Ausländische Direktinvestitionen in Irland: Eine theoriegestützte AnalyseKöller, Mareike
2006 Discrete investment and tax competition when firms shift profitsStöwhase, Sven
2006 Darstellung von Beschäftigungseffekten von Exporten anhand einer Input-Output-AnalysePelzer, Gesa
2006 A simulation method to measure the tax burden on highly skilled manpowerElschner, Christina / Schwager, Robert
2006 Enhanced cooporation in an enlarged EUAhrens, Joachim / Ohr, Renate / Zeddies, Götz
2006 Reasons for real appreciation in Central EuropeBrandmeier, Michael
2007 The political economy of environmental regulations and industry compensationStoschek, Barbara
2007 Service offshoring: A challenge for employment? Evidence from GermanySchöller, Deborah
2007 Cointegration in the foreign exchange market and market efficiency since the introduction of the Euro: Evidence based on bivariate cointegration analysesKühl, Michael
2007 Declining export prices due to increased competition from NIC: Evidence from Germany and the CEECGundel, Sebastian
2007 Should WTO dispute settlement be subsidized?Wilckens, Sebastian
2007 Fighting corruption with asymmetric penalties and leniencyLambsdorff, Johann / Nell, Mathias
2007 Assessing general and partial equilibrium simulations of Doha round outcomes using meta-analysisHess, Sebastian / von Cramon-Taubadel, Stephan
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