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DateTitle Authors
2016 The effects of the CEECS's accession on sectoral trade: A value added perspectiveKaplan, Lennart C. / Kohl, Tristan / Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada
2016 The role of communication on an experimental market for tradable development rightsProeger, Till / Meub, Lukas / Bizer, Kilian
2015 Cross-border or online: Tax competition with mobile consumers under destination and origin principleBirg, Laura
2015 Tradable development rights under uncertainty: An experimental approachProeger, Till / Meub, Lukas / Bizer, Kilian
2015 Privacy, trust and social network formationGaudeul, Alexia / Giannetti, Caterina
2015 Going from bad to worse: Adaptation to poor health, health spending, longevity, and the value of lifeSchünemann, Johannes / Strulik, Holger / Trimborn, Timo
2015 How worker participation affects reciprocity under minimum remuneration policies: Experimental evidenceKöhler, Katrin / Pagel, Beatrice / Rau, Holger A.
2015 The effectiveness of public subsidies for private innovations: An experimental approachBrüggemann, Julia
2015 Cross-border or Online: Tax competition with mobile consumersBirg, Laura
2015 The health humpStrulik, Holger
2015 The impact of 3D printing on trade and FDIAbeliansky, Ana L. / Martínez-Zarzoso, Imnaculada / Prettner, Klaus
2015 Risk-tolerant women donate more than men: Experimental evidence of dictator gamesMüller, Stephan / Rau, Holger A.
2015 Asymmetric information as a barrier to knowledge spillovers in expert marketsFeser, Daniel / Proeger, Till
2015 Optimal public information dissemination: Introducing observational learning into a generalized beauty contestHüning, Hendrik / Meub, Lukas
2015 Life expectancy and education: Evidence from the cardiovascular revolutionHansen, Casper Worm / Strulik, Holger
2015 The revenue and base effects of local tax hikes: Evidence from a quasi-experimentBaskaran, Thushyanthan
2015 Die MIP-Indikatoren zur Analyse von Kern-Peripherie-Strukturen in der EUWortmann, Marcus / Stahl, Markus
2015 The disposition effect in team investment decisions: Experimental evidenceRau, Holger A.
2015 Lame but loyal ducksLopes da Fonseca, Mariana
2015 Regulation, trade and economic growthKoeniger, Jens / Silberberger, Magdalena
2015 Parallel trade and reimbursement regulationBirg, Laura
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