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DateTitle Authors
2012 Estimating heterogeneous returns to education in Germany via conditional heteroskedasticitySaniter, Nils
2012 Banking of surplus emissions allowances: Does the volume matter?Neuhoff, Karsten / Schopp, Anne / Boyd, Rodney / Stelmakh, Kateryna / Vasa, Alexander
2012 Employment generation in rural Africa: Mid-term results from an experimental evaluation of the youth opportunities program in Northern UgandaBlattman, Christopher / Fiala, Nathan / Martinez, Sebastian
2012 Internet offer prices for flats and their determinants: A cross section of large European citiesKholodilin, Konstantin A.
2012 Internet-based hedonic indices of rents and prices for flats: Example of BerlinKholodilin, Konstantin A. / Mense, Andreas
2012 Marginal taxes: A good or a bad for wages? The incidence of the structure of income and labor taxes on wagesRattenhuber, Pia
2012 Movers or stayers? Understanding the drivers of IDP camp decongestion during post-conflict recovery in UgandaBozzoli, Carlos / Brück, Tilman / Muhumuza, Tony
2012 How do taxes affect investment when firms face financial constraints?Simmler, Martin
2012 Risk attitudes and private business equityFossen, Frank M.
2012 Implications of mandatory registration of mobile phone users in AfricaJentzsch, Nicola
2012 Evidence of market power in the atlantic steam coal market using oligopoly models with a competitive fringeHaftendorn, Clemens
2012 The impact of introducing an interest barrier: Evidence from the German corporation tax reform 2008Buslei, Hermann / Simmler, Martin
2012 Occupational sex segregation and management-level wages in Germany: What role does firm size play?Busch, Anne / Holst, Elke
2012 Financial transaction tax contributes to more sustainability in financial marketsSchäfer, Dorothea
2012 Top down or bottom up? A cross-national study of vertical occupational sex segregation in twelve European countriesSchäfer, Andrea / Tucci, Ingrid / Gottschall, Karin
2012 Liquidity constraints and the permanent income hypothesis: Pseudo panel estimation with German consumption survey dataBeznoska, Martin / Ochmann, Richard
2012 Family and labor market choices: Requirements to guide effective evidence-based policyKurowska, Anna / Myck, Michal / Wrohlich, Katharina
2012 Health care expenditures and longevity: Is there a Eubie Blake effect?Breyer, Friedrich / Lorenz, Normann / Niebel, Thomas
2012 Re-examining the decline in the US saving rate: The impact of mortgage equity withdrawalCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Costantini, Mauro / Paradiso, Antonio
2012 The credibility of monetary policy announcements: Empirical evidence for OECD countries since the 1960sBelke, Ansgar / Freytag, Andreas / Keil, Jonas / Schneider, Friedrich
2012 German nuclear phase-out policy: Effects on European electricity wholesale prices, emission prices, conventional power plant investments and eletricity tradeTraber, Thure / Kemfert, Claudia
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