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DateTitle Authors
2011 Monetary policy and unemployment in open economiesEngler, Philipp
2011 Sharing the burden: Empirical evidence on corporate tax incidenceDwenger, Nadja / Rattenhuber, Pia / Steiner, Viktor
2011 Redistribution and insurance in the German welfare stateBartels, Charlotte
2011 Resource-based theory and mergers & acquisitions successGrill, Plina / Bresser, Rudi K. F.
2011 Signalling rivalry and quality uncertainty in a duopolyBester, Helmut / Demuth, Juri
2011 Optimal top marginal tax rates under income splitting for couplesBach, Stefan / Corneo, Giacomo / Steiner, Viktor
2011 Effective taxation of top incomes in GermanyBach, Stefan / Corneo, Giacomo / Steiner, Viktor
2011 Returns to education across Europe: A comparative analysis for selected EU countriesGlocker, Daniela / Steiner, Viktor
2011 Job protection renders minimum wages less harmfulSchöb, Ronnie / Thum, Marcel
2011 Opposition to capital market openingEngler, Philipp / Wulff, Alexander
2011 Steuerkomplexität und Arbeitsangebot: Eine experimentelle AnalyseSielaff, Christian
2011 A wealth tax on the rich to bring down public debt? Revenue and distributional effects of a capital levyBach, Stefan / Beznoska, Martin / Steiner, Viktor
2011 Changing identity: Retiring from unemploymentHetschko, Clemens / Knabe, Andreas / Schöb, Ronnie
2011 Epidemic tradeBörner, Lars / Severgnini, Battista
2011 Personality characteristics and the decision to become and stay self-employedCaliendo, Marco / Fossen, Frank M. / Kritikos, Alexander S.
2011 The hidden burden of the income tax: Compliance costs of German individualsBlaufus, Kay / Eichfelder, Sebastian / Hundsdoerfer, Jochen
2011 Personal bankcuptcy law, wealth and entrepreneurship - Theory and evidence from the introduction of a 'fresh start'Fossen, Frank M.
2011 Die Rezeption der John Maynard Keynes Manuskripte von 1904 bis 1911. Anregungen für die deutschsprachige DiskussionMuchlinski, Elke
2011 Beschäftigungswirkungen von Lohnsubventionen und Mindestlöhnen - Zur Reform des Niedriglohnsektors in DeutschlandMüller, Kai-Uwe / Steiner, Viktor
2011 The influence of social capital on CEO dismissal in Germany: an empirical analysisWrage, Markus / Tuschke, Anja / Bresser, Rudi K. F.
2011 The Good Governance Indicators of the Millennium Challenge Account: How many dimensions are really being measuredKnoll, Martin / Zloczysti, Petra
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